Saturday, May 29, 2010

Make a wish...

I wish I had something better for taking photos of my work! So---I haven't done a lot of housework today---this House Mouse image kept calling to me and when I cleaned off the worktable-really-you could see the top of it for about 15 minutes! Lol!--I gave in to temptation!
I love dandelions and the puff balls they form when they go to seed. Anyone ever sit and make curls with their stems--or crowns with the flowers?! I made this for a gal at church who is always upbeat and standing in prayer for anyone who needs it. I've been wanting to get to know her for some time and she's just seemed overwhelmed lately (translate: wife, mother of 3...need I say more?!) so I thought now would be a good time to send her a card. I hesitated tho-sending someone I don't know a card with a um, rodent-on it. I LOVE HM stamps and images-don't get me wrong-but not everyone may appreciate or understand them like we do! Ask Theresa about her real mouse story sometime! Anyway---there are a number of layers here-I embossed the green dp and popped up both layers. I added the Stampin' Up ribbon (this stuff is GREAT!) and the wish sentiment. Then I decided to add the crystal swirls! Now, after I've taken photos, such as they are---I am wondering if a little bow around the tail wouldn't look cute (see how it peeks outside the frame?!) May give it a try! Have the perfect scrap piece, too! You can't see it...but I used Crystal Effects and white glitter to the puff and it's wisps that are blowing in the breeze. The entire sentiment is: "I wish for you... (inside) whatever it is that you need just for today..." Huh? Today...I might need an extra dose of laughter...tomorrow, I may need more patience (yesterday I sure did-2 hrs. just to renew my driver's license!)--so, the sentiment being...I wish for her whatever she needs...for that day! We tend to borrow trouble from tomorrow...and we forget about the right "for today" kinda of brings it back to "right now, I just..." It's the birds of the air, lilies of the field scripture...! So, whatever YOU need, just for my wish for you. Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping. Blessings, Sharon

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