Friday, May 14, 2010

Stump the Vet...

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Ok. So today, before I took Ms. Dolly to the vet, I decided to continue cleaning the ever-messy craft room. I even took a "before" picture thinking that, once I was done for the day, I would take another one to show my progress. Um, well...the part that I worked on? Was on the other side of the room from what I took the pic of! REaLLy! Under my shelves I have 5 milk crates. They were packed full to overflowing with magazines--stamp magazines, scrapbook magazines, Mary Englebright's Home Companion, room to put a piece of tissue paper in any given section! So, last week-end I started...pulling out a stack, removing what I wanted to save, and setting what was left aside to donate to the library's free bin. Today...with one milk crate to go--I decided to finish. I had already emptied a basket, put some albums away, labeled, packaged and priced stamps to it was time for a "sit down" job. I finished the magazines! I have stacks and stacks by my front door! I will be carting magazines to the library until Christmas, I swear I will! And the ideas and articles I took out? Well, I've already gone through 200 page protectors...and probably need that if not double or triple! I neatly cut edges, stapled what needed to be together, and divided them out as I went. Now they just need to go into page protectors, then into notebooks. They will probably take up maybe one crate's worth of space! And what a resource!!! Far better than thumbing through tons of extra stuff-now I can just go to the appropriate book, take a glimpse through, and be done. It will be 10x better and they will be put to use other than simply collecting dust! Ok-I confess-there were some that I just couldn't part with-but--I've limited myself to one crate's space for the "keepers". That's going to be it. So if a whole new magazine needs to stay---another one needs to go out! New rule! We'll have a 2-day one way car ride coming up soon so I will stock up on page protectors and stuff those while Brook drives. I hate having to sit still that long even if we do listen to books on tape.
Then, this afternoon, it was off the vet with Ms. Dolly. As you can see, her left eye has an issue. We've been putting otc drops in as well as a high-powered antibiotic (I have to wear rubber gloves and, in something like 1 out of 100,000 it can cause irreversible anemia in us humans if it come in direct contact with skin...?!). Sadly, there's been no improvement. Dr. Travis has no clue and is stumped. Not unusual with my kids, tho! She is going to consult with a cat opthomologist and see what we can try next--or not. The good thing is--it does not seem to bother Ms. Dolly at all. She can see (doesn't bump into things or miss when she jumps-not even by a little!, she doesn't rub at it, doesn't seem to hurt if I rub close to it...) so it may be just something that happened to the eye that she has to live with. We shall see. I found this ADORABLE collar for her---the little crystals form paw prints!---but she's also related to Catadini (Houdini...catadini...?!)-as it spends more time off in obscure places with me looking for it than it does around her neck! She's a little prima donna though! Still walks on her tiptoes and is VERY dainty! She takes very small bites and, if she gets real meat (chicken, deer, fish) doesn't "shake it" like the boys do! She's IN LOVE with her shedding brush which is what she is rubbing against! Lol.
Well, off to straighten up the things I've pulled out into other rooms, have dinner, read and relax. Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping. Blessings, Sharon ps/please say an extra prayer for Ms. Dolly---Dr. Travis is awesome and she persevered to successfully diagnosis and treat Inky so I have all faith that it will be the same with Ms. Dolly! Thanks!

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