Monday, May 24, 2010

If the Shoe Fits...

I saw this first yesterday morning on Jak Heath's blog ( who got it from -- I fell in love with it! Thankfully, we had "late" church yesterday (10:30 vs. 9:30) as we had one service instead of 3. That gave me time to cut out the template and trace a few shoes on dp. Mind you, my craft room still looks the way it did Saturday--the cabinet is still sitting in Theresa's foyer as first one husband was home and one gone then vice versa and, since Bob works late, I guess I will be enlisted to help lift if I ever want to get it home! Sigh-anyway-all that said to say that I was working in a very little space with me running back and forth for tools. I confess, for MaryCobb's sake, I messed up the first two shoes and had to start over! WATCH THE VIDEO. It really isn't hard to do! I had the shoe made but not embellished when my hubby came up and wanted to know what I was going to use for a heel. I said the creator had used a dowel. He said he would look and see what he had-how soon did I need it. Mistakenly, I replied, "Oh, when you can get to it." Well, a boat ride then ensued and my shoe was heel-less. Then the lightbulb came on! A bathroom-sized dixie cup! That would work. Here's what I did: I put redline tape along the base of the cup, then another strip about 1/2-3/4" up (my heel is actually a tad too high but hey, for a first try-I'm happy!) Peel off the backing
on the tape and then wrap the cup with a piece of designer paper at least 2 1/2" wide. Now,
you're wrapping a round object so the strip will go cattywhampus-start close to one edge and roll to the other. You just want enough paper overlapping each side of the sticky strip so you can cut tabs like you did on the sole and toe of the shoe. Trim off any excess paper. Next put a layer of redline tape along the overlapped sides, remove backing. Cut "fringes" in the paper and fold toward the base of the cup. Punch a circle to cover. Next trim the cup down to ummm, within 1/2" of your heel height and mark lightly. Cut fringes to the marked line and fold in. Cut another circle to cover the fringes. You can glue the narrow (base side) of the cup to the shoe or vice versa.
I think it worked ok and, although it took a few tries to get it worked out, I think it'll do for my shoe! These would make great ladies' tea decorations/favors, a shower favor...just too cute! You can fill them with flowers, ribbons, gift card...limitless! I can see I will be making a few more of these!

But not..this afternoon. I may be making a vet run-again.
Bad Cat is the "grandpa" of the bunch-and when he tried to jump up on the desk yesterday slipped and landed hard on his right leg. He's been limping ever since. He doesn't appear to be in pain but it breaks my heart to see him having a hard time getting around and I would like to be sure nothing is broken (I think he just sprained it really bad but still...). He's the best kitty of the bunch at the vet so at least that part won't be too hard!
Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping.
Blessings, Sharon

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