Sunday, May 2, 2010

Misc. Musings...

It's Sunday-now afternoon. I spent yesterday working on this week's Artful Legacy post so I really have no craft project photos I can share (check the Artful Legcay site on --or even now-there are great tutorials up as well as beutiful cards and pages). If the afternoon plays out as I hope, maye a second post later today.

I just received an e-mail from my good friend, Betsy. We've known each other more years than I (care to) try to count. "My boys" as I call them (aka her sons!)--are both at the Citadel. She just sent me links to photographs on the Citadel website of them. One is of them hugging one another after the younger had received recognition from his brother, aka his commander! She didn't warn me...I probably needed a box of kleenex before I looked at them! The other is of the "commander" leading his regiment in a parade. They are grown up, fine looking solid Christian men. Not the little babies I held in my arms, talked about teddy bears and picnics with and...well, to say I am feeling somewhat sentimental and blue would be an understatement. Better back away from the keyboard before I short it out with tears!
Ok-moving on...I went in the bedroom to read last evening and it wasn't long before Poppa Cat came to join me. He likes to climb on top of me for a hug but soon gets warm and moves to the side. Then, when he gets really warm, ends up on his back upside down! If you look close, you can see that he has the tip of his tongue stuck out (the little sliver of pink right by his teeth! He is really funny! Wasn't panting-he just forgets sometimes to pull it back in!
I think the start of summer is officially June 20-something---but the temperatures here have been warming up and I've pulled out the flip-flops, sandals, tank tops and capris...and thus its time for A NEW TOE RING---fit for a QUEEN! Lol! I saw this and just had to have it!!! Yep, it's a CROWN! I love it! I'm not sporting a pretty pedicure (yet) to go with it so I spared you a photo of my foot! This little pillow (actually a door hanger) set if off nicely. Yes, I am called the OKI Stampqueen---but, if I am to take Scripture to heart, I am also the daughter of a KING. So I really am royalty, after all!
That's all my news for now. Off to check my favorite blogs and see what else happens to happen. Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping. Blessings, Sharon

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Stressed Stamper said...

fab toe ring - don't do feet - and thought I was going to see toes first thing in the morning - nearly didn't read to the end...phew no toes!....fab cat picci.