Friday, February 25, 2011

Happy Friday Hodge Podge Post!

Hi all.  Thursday is actually my "Friday"---and I LOVE having a 3-day week-end!  I am soooo spoiled but, I am the (Stamp) Queen, afterall! Lol!  There's soooo much I want to do today--this week-end... so let's get started. What I REALLY REALLY want...are the goodies I ordered from Close to My Heart yesterday-but they won't be here until the first of the week.  You see, last week I got the petal die from Theresa (and, for the record-she did not open mine and play with it--even though I encouraged her to do so--even though her's is on back order...she waited until my pain subsided and I could come and play to actually try it...) Anyway-while we were playing with it she mentioned what a cute CARROT it would make...and this is what she came up with....!  ISN'T IT ADORABLE???!!!!  Visit Theresa's blog at to see more of her great work.  And--ya know, take a minute to leave a comment on the blogs you visit--we really appreciate the "kudos"--share the sites with friends and become "followers".  It's a great way to get new ideas, find out about new products AND-it makes all the time and effort we put into posting (and trust me, if you've worked with Blogger---it can be an effort! One post...can easily take an hour between writing, photos, etc.)--worth it.  Back to the carrots-- am going to make at least 28 of these for the preschool director to give to the kids (she made me feel guilty-I will do something else for them from me...!) and I am anxious to get started on them!

Then, I want to use these pics on a page for the BIRTHDAY GIRL--Theresa's daughter, Theresa (aka "TT") turned 17 on Wed. so at our "groupie gathering" on Tuesday we had a cake to celebrate.  That's my goddaughter, Maren, helping her blow out the candles.  I had a cute idea for a card-but never got that far (gall bladder pain lasts long after the actual attack!)--so I am thinking of doing a page...I may wait to add the photos and finish it until after the photography class I want to take --I KNOW there's a way to remove the glass from in front of the cake---and tweak a few other things-I am just not that proficient (yet!) in photo editing or sure what program I even need to use... I also want to try some coffee filter flowers that I saw on Teresa Black's Fabulously Artsy blog that would look good on the page I have in mind for the birthday girl. if all that isn't enough...I am anxious to scrap these pictures into a new layout that I want to try-for the next groupie class I will be teaching ...I just happened to have princess paper and the little blocks with the different princesses are the exact size I need of DP for the pieces of the layout! GO ME! So that may be

tomorrow morning's project! I LOVE the CLOSE TO MY HEART BOOKS-Magic, Reflections, Cherish--they give you LAYOUT IDEAS, OPTIONS, CUTTING doesn't get any simpler than that! Visit my CTMH site--- to check them out! 

AND...if that's not enough to do---I STILL need to clean the magic kingdom in there. I have AWESOME cleaning ladies--I don't tap into them often, but when I lost the entire week-end last week and still felt bad the first of the week, they stepped up and cleaned up for me!  So the rest of the house just needs a "swish and a swipe"--so I *SHOULD* be able to concentrate on the craft room-aka magic kingdom-which is always last on the list---and hence never really gets DONE.

For now, its time to get out of my pjs, get another cup of coffee and get moving!  I will post projects as I finish them...not sure when...but I will! Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping! Blessings, Sharon