Tuesday, February 15, 2011

"Armed" and dangerous...!

 If you consider a TAPE GUN dangerous! Lol.  Sometime back I purchased a tape gun from THE Stamp Queen.  It was "new" to me--and while I loved the large capacity--the threading and ungunking was a real pain.  So yesterday, after my 1 hr. drive to town to have blood work done---FASTING blood work--translate: NO COFFEE--thank God Theresa went with me--I don't think I could have stood it by myself!-we went and played. It was a girls day out.  We hit AC Moore (which was pointless-it's sadly becoming a mish-mosh of junky stuff), Michaels (OHMYGOSH~! What BEAUTIFUL spring things they had!), the health food store (I am allergic to wheat so had to stock up on special breads, crackers, etc. that can only be found there), and then had lunch on the way home at Peking Buffet.  Yum!  ANYWAY--I digress: while at Michaels I got a Scotch Tape Gun....this is what the reverse side looked like.  Note the PAST TENSE....!

It was a steal with my 50% off coupon! GO ME!  It was a bit tricky to open the first time--but loading the tape, even though it's a wrap this here, loop that there...it wasn't too hard.  Easier than the old one.  Then I hit the embellishments aisle  because, well, even though it's at least a pretty pink...you can tell a man designed it and the Stamp Queen needed some serious BLING!  I found crystal embellishments by Reflections (more on that later) and alpha stickers by Me & My Big Ideas---all for $ 1!!!  That name brand label had to go.  It took a lot of patience and even more Goof Off--but it came off!  Then it was time to embellish!  Now, I've used crystal "appliques" before-and some of them were so flimsy that once it was actually placed on the paper well, it was cattywhampus to say the least!  These-by REFLECTIONS-are AWESOME! I placed, removed, replaced...SEVERAL TIMES! They held their shape, the crystals stayed stuck and they are FIRMLY adhered to the tape gun.  While I thought the alpha stickers were vellum rub ons, they actually show up much better with white background so that was another plus!
Typically, I tie a pretty ribbon around my tools so they are easy-peasy to spot on a table during class, crops, etc.  A ribbon on this would interfere with the "trigger" and well, we can't have that. I'd say the stickers and crystals will help me locate MY GUN anyway! I mean, is there ANY DOUBT whose this is?! Lol! Oh-and then there's "ammo"!  It comes with not one but TWO rolls of tape...and I can easily pick up more at Michaels when I am in town. No more internet ordering and shipping costs.  The purchase of this tool also helps support the Susan G. Komen for the Cure.  The box says, "From 2010 to 2011, with each product purchased, 3M will donate $ 1.20 to Susan G. Komen for the Cure with a minimum of $ 25,000.00."! SO-the Stamp Queen is also supporting the ta-ta's!  I gotta say--you're gonna have to practice a little bit to get the feel of this "weapon"...just like a real gun (I shot a real gun for the first time this year. While I couldn't do the smiley face on the target like my step-son, I at least HIT the target! And I will practice some more...) or any other new tool, ya gotta practice.  See, my type-a personality gets me in trouble: I *should* be able to use it/do it PERFECTLY...the first and every time! Learning...to go a little easier on myself!  Once I got the feel for it, the angle right...it worked fine.  I am happy with it. I like the glam!  It's fit for a Queen. The Stamp Queen! Oh-and the new magazine I got yesterday says:
Princesses QUEENS wear crowns to remind them that they are smart and beautiful
because some days it's easy to forget.

I like that. A lot.  Off to polish my tiara and admire my glammed atg GUN and feed the boys! Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping! Blessings, Sharon