Saturday, April 30, 2011

Too Funny Wedding Mishaps...

June is right around the corner...and that means LOTS OF WEDDINGS! I found this on AOL videos and can't stop laughing--they are really funny---now. I am sure they weren't at the time! I wonder what happened to the groom who smashed the cake in the face of the bride?!  Divorce court vs. the honeymoon, I am sure! My favorite?  Hmm...I guess the ring bearer pushing the bridesmaid/flower girl. Reminded me of my cousin (age 8 at the time) hitting me (age 9 at the time) at my uncle's wedding. Fast forward at least 10-12 years and we found ourselves paired for yet another wedding. I told him that if he hit me this time, I was hitting him back-and I KNEW where to aim to make it hurt! Lol. He didn't!  The funny thing was---the entire family gave  him a hard time as in watching the video of the reception, it looked like he left me standing alone on the dance floor during the bridal party dance.  He didn't!  We had danced some and I told him he needed to go and get his grandmother to dance with her (she was a widow and also grandmother of the bride) so we worked our way to the side of the dance floor and I stepped away while he got her.  Of course no one else KNEW we had discussed it! I was nice-I told them the rest of the story!  If you want some laughs, check out:  Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping. Blessings, Sharon

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