Monday, April 18, 2011

well, DUH....

 So yesterday, between the coughing and choking and sniffling...I decided to play with these.  I needed to make ONE birthday card but, in a moment of weakness, I decided I could mass-produce a few of those as well... Now, I had not used the spinner hands before.  They are NEW from Stampin' Up.  Never mind I ordered one package and then THREE MORE having not broken the seal on the first one! Lol. I just *KNEW* I would need more...! Anyway, 3/4 of the way through my project I discovered this...scroll down a bit...see that small circle thingy in the dead center of the container...?

Yep, it's a WASHER.  It helps to give a little room for the spinner thingy to move and work.  Well, DUH, Sharon!  I tossed the match  aside that I was using as a "spacer" to fix the brad in place and put the washer in.  It worked pretty good. Even with that (and I have to confess, with the match, too...) I was still managing to get the brad a little too bit tight (I have super powers when it comes to craft supplies!).  I found that if I flipped the whole thing over and took the tip of my scissors and placed them at the very edge of the brad prong and folded it over that way...there was plenty of room for everything to move. I also discovered (for what it's worth) that popping up the actual stamped spinner board looked better than popping the whole thing (layers and all ) up.  The spinner hands ARE NOT HARD AT ALL to use.  Sometimes I think Martha and I are related-if I can find a hard way to do something---! Geesh.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE these little gizmo's and even hubby was impressed (I guess they fall into the hardware category!)  and that stamp pad (Creole Spice--by Kalediacolor) really gives it a playful look I think (better pic of the card in yesterday's post!)  The spinner hands are a great deal--a pkg of 12 for $ 3-4!Visit Theresa at and she can order some for you!
Today...despite STILL not feeling better...I have to go to work and then this afternoon try and figure out how to get the preschool photos--photos-not digital images-scanned and uploaded to Shutterfly. I hate Picasa almost as much as Blogger and it's saving some scans and not others.  They are there-until I go to upload them and then they disappear.  That, and then I can't open the pics the teacher with the digital camera e-mailed-short of doing it one by one and it taking at least 10 minutes per photo. Did I mention there's a deadline looming for these THIRTY BOOKS I promised?!  Anyone in Blogland that has any answers--PLEASE HELP! The rest of you---PLEASE PRAY!!!
Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping! Blessings, Sharon

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artfulwhimsies said...

These cards came out great!! very nice~