Sunday, October 30, 2011

It's Sunday...but Saturday is coming...

faster than a speeding bullet!
Six days and counting...
Holly Days will be here...
I am almost ready...
I keep telling myself that, anyway!
This week
was spent on
Catnip product production...
Catnip fish, catnip fishing poles,
and packages of catnip...
I had some (more) help with this project...

Thank God...
the sewing machine hung in there for those-
they are the best sellers!
my lavender neckwrap project
did not go so well
lots of  dirty words    wordy-durds, a major headache
and a call to a church member whose also a seamstress
they may get done...
me-lots; sewing machine-not so much.
Prue frustration.

This project however...

was super super easy-and quite relaxing.
Oh my gosh-I could weave these for days on end!
They are little woven ribbon wreath pins
for the holidays.
Won't they look cute on a sweater, tote bag
or even a coat?
And the non-traditional colors are
so trendy (at least from what I've seen in the ornament aisles!)
I got crystals to add to them-but they just didn't add anything-
so this was a keep it simple, stupid project!
They will also make cute bookmarks
simply be leaving the ends loose.
Hmmm...someone say stocking stuffers?
Girlfriend gifts?

My husband harvested the last of the sweet 100 tomatoes and peppers today
and Inky had to check out the harvest...

he's too funny!
Here he's on top of my kitchen cupboards
and to the far right there is a small speck on the wall
actually it's a nail that something hung on sometime ago
that I've never taken down.
The other day it caught his attention
and he was determined to check it out...
I think he thought it was a bug...!

Well, it's time to stop for the night.
I am tired.
Tomorrow's another day, Scarlett!
Whatever you do, until next time,
happy stamping and scrapping.

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