Thursday, March 1, 2012

My poor neglected blog...

I never got the cards from our groupie class
photographed and posted...
I never finished sorting and putting away the paperwork
leftover from my shredding
(we're talking 1989 forward people....!)
or flylady-ied much this week.
It's been up and down the road
for more tests-
and crazy insane at work
with newsletter, bulletins, phones ringing, people
and I am back to
being up through the night in pain.
No answers...yet.
Still waiting...
in the meantime
for your blogging entertainment and pleasure
scoot on over to
and take a look at Theresa Lauren's
(or TT's as we know and love her...)
 18th birthday!
Gotta love this gal!
I've already been put on the waiting list
for my pedicure!
And Michael-
(he's the one on the left btw...!)
I always wanted a big brother...
(21 years later my mother gave me a younger one...
that's a whole 'nother story!)
I think TT got the best one out there tho!
He's such a good sport!
So who was your teen heart-throb?!
I am old enough to remember
Davy Jones from the Monkeys,
may he rest in peace...
(they actually visited me cousin's home
back in the day-she had been thrown from a horse
and was a huge fan-my godfather arranged for the visit...
a BIG DEAL in our little home town!)
and of course the Beatles...
David Cassidy...
Telling my age here...
and feeling it today, believe me!
Gotta go get ready for work-
today is my Friday--
so hang with me-tomorrow, Scarlett,
I will try to get the cards posted!
Until then,
happy stamping and scrapping!

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Theresa Dagostino Forge said...

Davy Jones at your cousins house?? awesome! Your laughing was too funny!