Friday, January 14, 2011


So the Stamp Queen declares on Wal-Mart's photo lab and (male) so-called "customer service" person! In the 3 times I have tried to use our W-M's instant photo lab in the past 6-8's not been working. I need photos for our crop TOMORROW that I have had a number of difficulties getting, cropping, downloading, uploading, etc. I succeeded with those steps today. I met Theresa for lunch so we could catch up. I was in a GOOD MOOD. Then I went to WM. Mistake. BIG mistake. Discovered if I wanted photos I had to do the one-hour thing. I live...20 minutes + from WM. Ok. We have to go back to that town tonight for visitation at the funeral home so I could either hang out at WM for an hour...or pick them up on our trip tonight. Opted for the latter. The machine...had to upload all 2,000 photos on my flash drive. Once that was done, I had to manually deselect all but one file, then start putting my order in. Which I did. I was almost done. One of my volunteer workers stopped to say hello. I stopped to say hello back. The machine flashed in 2 split seconds that the machine had been idle for over 2 minutes and without time to do deleted my entire order! I asked the male clerk if that was true-or just my "assumption". He bit my head off. Literally. He was not nice about it---and I was not happy. Yes, I took a deep breath and started again. Then another lady approached the other machine. She was not happy-why didn't the instant machine work (good question) and why wasn't this machine reading her disc? He wasn't nice to her, either. I simply looked at her and said, "SHUTTERFLY.COM" --she started asking me about that and he interrupted with "It's not WM's fault...!" I simply said, "If I didn't need them tomorrow-I wouldn't be here and I won't be here after this order!" He walked off in huff. Yes, I'm sorry--it IS WM's fault....when the machines they have in their store never work; when machines they have that supposedly do do a poor job and when clerks are offering less than acceptable customer service--it IS WM's fault!! So-the Stamp Queen says, "OFF WITH THEIR HEADS!" Ok. I feel a little better. Theresa did not have to come and make bail. I have a headache and it is NOT because my tiara is too tight! I will (hopefully) be able to pick up the pictures this evening and, from here on out, you can bet www.SHUTTERFLY.COM is getting my business! I will just need to plan ahead-and that's not a bad thing!
Ok-now that that's out of my system I gotta go feed the boys-and Oh Lordy, the "baby" had to go to the vet yesterday--what a TAIL that is I've yet to tell! Picture this...two vet techs and one vet trying to corral an 11-lb. kitten--at one point they were all 4 smashed up against the front picture window of the office! That is one photo op I am sorry I missed! Good news is...kitten is acting like he feels a little better. Momma needs a rum drink, though! Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping! Blessings, Sharon

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