Saturday, January 22, 2011

Where oh where have I been...

What a week! Not a single post since last Sunday! So sorry! There's been absolutely no craft time this past week, either so there's the second disappointment of the day! The wee hours of Monday found me in the throes of another gall bladder attack. Stress, cheating on the diet and running out of pear juice were three "whammies" against me. A sick kitten (aka Inky who is actually 3 -or 4?) didn't help. Thursday found me needing to be in three places at once: vet's office, work, and on my acupuncturist's table. Somehow-it all worked out and we are both recouperating slowly. If anyone has any ideas on how to keep the cat from eating the Christmas tree (artificial at that!), PLEASE share them! Constipated kitties are not happy kitties! is very, very cold at the beach-my husband even said there were some snow flurries. Good excuse to stay inside and make the card and the baby brag book I need to make. The housework can wait!
On another note...we got a new laptop and although my stepson was gracious enough to send instructions to help import/export my favorites (aka the blogs I follow...) I couldn't get it. I was behind in checking them out anyway so I got cup of coffee and got comforatable. I went through my "active" list. 2 hours later and I have a list of ----drumroll please--55 blogs that I look at um, haveta confess-almost daily! Oops-wait, no-make that 57--forgot two I already have on the new computer! Guess I know where a chunk of my time goes! In all fairness, it took me longer today as I was writing down the names and links as I went!
Well, need a coffee refill-and better get craftin'! Hopefully tomorrow I will have some goodies to post. Until next time, KEEP WARM, stay positive (hard to do in the gloam of winter), and happy stampin' and scrapping! Blessings, Sharon

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