Saturday, January 15, 2011

The rest of the W-M Photo Saga...

Last night...we stopped to pick up the problem photos (read yesterday's post for "part one" of the photo saga...). The customer service guy, standing around with his hands in his pockets, no customer in sight besides me--walked away. So I had to wait until the gal at the REAL customer service desk got done issuing a money order to check out. I got the photos home and started to organize them for today's crop. Every single picture...has a white streak down the right-hand side. 57 photos will now have to be trimmed (they also look like they were cut with the dullest paper cutter in the world)-well, at least the ones that are usable out of those...which is maybe 1/2 to 2/3--for some unknown reason, looks like the "photographees" had a major case of smallpox or something-their skin and photo is all mottled and distorted. Trash those. Several of them...had heads cut off (didn't in my uploads...or I wouldn't have ordered them). The paper is flimsy and the finish is crappy. All said and done, I wasted a entire afternoon and evening -not to mention about $20.00. Oh-and stress aggravates the gall bladder which = uncomfortable pain. Wonderful. Just what I need. Wal-Mart is so not worth it! Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping-and stay away from Wal-Mart Photo Dept.! Blessings, Sharon

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