Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Another check...!

Since our first Christmas card photo shoot didn't turn out so hot...

today hubby and I had an impromptu photo shoot
thanks to one of the preschool teachers I work with
(thanks, PJ!)
and I designed, uploaded, ordered
and after dinner (I think!)
will pick up the PHOTO Christmas cards!
Not too bad for all in one day!
Also got the vet's card done
(my cats are not the best-behaving patients
and I am always calling with the weird issues...)
and will bake something and deliver that either Friday or early
next week. 
We had fun---here's some glimpses of us...

And there will be CAT PHOTOS on our card of course...
just not these...

Yes, I know the tree looks weird...
the little black cat eats it...
it doesn't digest...
you don't want to know the outcome!

my attempt to cover up the weirdness...not happening, I'm afraid!

some people have presents under their trees...

we have cats...

time to eat.
Tomorrow night is groupies.
Until next time
happy stamping and scrapping!

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