Friday, December 2, 2011

Need a little Christmas...take two

Oh boy-today is going from bad
to worse...
I started this post-was 3/4 the way through
and lost it.
The post, that is
(my sanity may be next, tho--another coffee, please!)
Here's what I think I had...
Still didn't sleep well
(anyone have any homeopathic sleep remedies they want to share?)
can't kick this cold/sinus thing
and stomach upset
(ulcer? gall bladder surgery gone wrong? both/and?)
Work this week
was flat-out frantic
(church secretary)
as it was the regular stuff
plus newsletter
plus Christmas is upon us...
(translate: TONS more to do--
early in and non-stop).

Need to do that flylady thing to the house
and haven't even thought of decorations
(other than how to keep the kitty from eating the artificial tree
which leads to vet visits
for unmentionable procedures to "unstop" said kitty--
two for two-not going for three-literally!
(pun intended!)
So gotta get creative here...
(any ideas?!)

Did  I mention  I need to be getting ready for a craft show tomorrow?
And I am about to be burned at the stake for my opinion
on a bulletin board...
(it's hard when someone disagrees...
sometimes we have to learn
it's ok to agree to disagree---breathing...)

Feeling a wee bit overwhelmed to say the least
and need some Christmas spirit.
I did some blog-hopping
and stopped by
and saw this:

I absolutely love
the simplicity
of this!
In my high school days
(eons ago, it seems!)
I had a daycare class-
where we taught 4 year olds for 2 hours
and another class took over for 2 more.
At Christmas,
(back in the day when you could actually mention God in a classroom!)
we performed
A Charlie Brown Christmas
and moi got to be
It was a special memory
and this always touches me when I see it.

The REAL meaning of CHRISTmas.
Kristin also has a free printable about that very thing
and after tomorrow is over
I look forward to making it a part of my
holiday decorations.

For now, I better get in gear
and get something done!
Until next time,
happy stamping and scrapping!
I just went back and looked at my post
and took the time
to watch the video clip one. more. time.
And I've decided to do this--
take time, before you add anything to your "to do" list
this season...
to pray about it--is it something you really
WANT/NEED to do--
and why?
If not-----let it go.
Do only
what's pleasing to HIM
and you...
Give the gift of simplicity, peace and tranquility
the frantic, cram in one more thing
and one more great aunt twice removed to buy for---
does it really, REALLY matter?
Think about it...
May HE dwell---in my "inn"...
as well as yours...

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