Sunday, December 4, 2011

Last Christmas Craft Show!

It's all over for one more year!!!
Theresa and I figure out how to do a little
home shopping showcase...

we returned to a church-sponsored craft show
2 hours away!
Here's what I went through
trying to pack up to go...
of course
this is the CATNIP container!
Bad Cat is the bestest catnip co-creator/seller!

This guy could really care less about it-he just likes containers!

I picked up Theresa at "o-dark thirty" as we call it
and we traveled for a little under 2 hours.
The sun was up by the time we got there!
Hubby loaned us his truck

(I don't like to drive big vehicles)
but I did ok!
We didn't even get lost!
Last year
this church had the youth
along with these nice huge carts
to help us unload...
so I didn't take the handcart my husband asked me if I wanted/needed...
mistake # 1.
No youth in sight-
very few carts and all in use!
So we loaded and lugged most of it hand.
Theresa discovered that the key to her bank box
was at home...
her money was securely locked in her box!
mistake #2...
We have the same one-and MY key was no where to be found
(I usually leave it in the box itself)
but my money was in my purse and so we were good to go.
This is why we do these things in tandem!
I then discovered for whatever reason
my calculator wouldn't print.
mistake #3....sigh.
I needed coffee-desperately!
At least I had a backup calculator..

We got set up and here's what my table ended up
looking like...

Only after posting these picks did I realize
what the pretty satin green ribbon was that I found on the floor-
it went around this little item-
so it was displayed "naked" all day---

 While I had lots of little "girlfriend gifts" as I called them-
cute and adorable (from all the comments I heard all day--)
for well, girlfriends and coworkers, say under $ 2.25--
not much sold...?
I usually can't keep enough
on my table! It flies out of there-
not this year-not this show.
I sold very little.
Made sure I had neckwraps this year
(last year I didn't-so naturally, that's what everyone asked about...)
didn't sell one--here or at Holly Days...

Other vendors were saying sales were down also.
The economy?  Not the right stuff?
(What sells one year sits the next-it's a tough call to make!)
Your guess is as good as mine!
 We did ok-it wasn't a bust
and we really, really enjoy it!
That's the bottom line!
You meet some really nice people
and it's heartwarming when someone chooses something
you put your blood, sweat, tears and creativity into...

Here's Theresa helping a customer at her table...

After a looooong day yesterday

I came home to discover that hubby
had done all the laundry AND folded it-
and made my favorite crab soup

today it's off to church
then unpack, repack and recount it all.
Then a nap.
A much needed nap.
Until next time,
happy stamping and scrapping!

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