Friday, December 9, 2011

Signs of Christmas...

 are slowly showing up around our house!  I put the Nativity up last week-end and didn't like it's location-it was visible-but it just didn't pop out-and for us, THAT's the real meaning of Christmas-Christ came, lived and died for our salvation-so that we might have life in its fullest. It comforts me, when I am struggling, to know-that not only did HE struggle as well, but He's walking with me and, as the footprints poem goes, often carrying me when I can't.
Anyway-inspiration struck! We have three shelves of photos on one of our living room walls-so I rearranged pictures and placed the creche along the bottom shelf.  It looked a little bare and the figures looked a little lost (even tho they were all headed for the manger!)--so I went to Kristin's blog and plugged in a search for her FREE Christmas printable art-and wha-la: I had the perfect pieces in a matter of minutes to add to the scene--two beautifully done scripture verses telling the Christmas story. I already had the red frames so I just popped out the pics that were in there and put in the printables.
This nativity--is at least 51 years old. It was my grandmothers
(Brook's mother had one just like it!)
Some pieces are showing their age
and a camel took a nose-dive last year thanks to
one little black cat who was in turbo-kitty mode...
but I really hesitate to try and touch up or restore any of it.
There's a story in the bumps and bruises as well
so I am going to leave well enough alone!
I added some moss  and then decided that a string of little white lights
would be the perfect final touch

I won't tell you how many times I took this whole thing up and down
or how much moss I swept up
before I got it just right!

The tree...will be our next battle
as this cute little guy
who thinks a
is ideal...

likes to eat the tree...really.
So not good.
It does not digest well. Nope. Nada. Zippo.
The outcome
isn't pretty.
Hubby is working on how to make it tall enough
so said cat cannot reach it...
should be interesting!

Momma saw the next idea at the craft show she was in
with Theresa last Saturday.
For the record
I bought two--they were done much differently-
lined with Christmas fabric
(out of the question since my sewing machine died)
and had no bows or bells...
I spruced them up a tiny bit
and the lining in the hat itself worked just fine!

I have TONS to do today-more of these-
a room to clean so my goddaughter can sleep over tonight
so I can help her with her Christmas swap cards
and she can help me prep for the preschool kids goodies
I want to work on at the crop on Sunday.
We may put up the tree tonight
or go to the awesome Christmas musical at our church tonight-
and have her take a picture for our yet to be ordered Christmas card...!
I need more coffee just thinking about it!
Better get cracking!
Until next time,
happy stamping and scrapping
and please-don't forget
of the season-
keep Christ in CHRISTmas...!

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