Friday, December 16, 2011

One more attempt at covering the weirdness!

 So--we started with this..
and that just wasn't working for me...
so I went to this...
which ended up looking like this when the cats got done..
so today
enter the lime green hula hoop...
now that brought back a childhood memory!
My grandmother
had a huge picture window in their living room
It was Christmas.
She wanted a large wreath in said window
and moi had just what she needed for the base-
a green hula hoop!
I did get a new one-
but I wanted my old one!
Oh well!
Wonder whatever happened to that...?
for a mere $ 3
this is what I did...
oh so carefully
it went up and over the tree---
until it was around the base.
Then took hubby's fishing line
and tied it in 4 places to the bottom branches
then I carefully worked the sheet that's acting as a tree skirt
around the branches and secured it with a high-tech measure--
Here's what said tree looks like now:

This...I think I can live with!
The little black cat has already been in and out and around it
and is baffled-it looks like he should be able to get up there
but can't!
Go Momma!
Tomorrow-wrapping starts!
I am going to try some raspberry chocolate wine
maybe have a hot bath and, if I am lucky,
a neck rub, too!
Until next time,
happy stamping and scrapping!


Anonymous said...

My cat likes to try and eat the Christmas tree, too! I put it up on an old trunk and the cat stayed away until two nights ago when I found her curled up on the tree skirt--cute as could be. And of course the ornament playing began.

I applaud you in your efforts to deter the cats from eating your tree. I think your idea is very, very clever. Thanks for sharing it with us. :-)

Merry Christmas, friend!

Dawn Bein-Rivera said...

I love this cat doesn't only like to eat it, but he loves to remove the ornaments and take them to other places of the house. I guess he is trying to help me decorate everywhere. Under the bed doesn't count I keep telling him or in the water bowl. I really love this idea and will definitely think about it in the future.

Thanks for sharing :-)

And Merry Christmas!