Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Chantilly Art Philosophy Easter Eggs...

So in 2011
my great friend Theresa
made these beautiful eggs...
This year...
I tried it with the eggs I bought last year
to try it with...
they came out...not so good.
Theresa's looked much better!
The girlfriend can glitter and make anything
look good!
Not moi.
But now I had not one but 3 packages
of well, 40+ eggs each...
yeah, well sometimes I go for overkill!
If you click the link to her blog
she has a how-to posted...
I tried.
I think my glitter was too chunky or funky.
all these eggs!
After I made the picnic baskets...
(see the previous two posts...)
I decided I needed a little something to go in them
besides chocolate...
and I wanted to make some to attach
a little Easter wish to
to give to some other friends...
So I got some colored tulle at Wal-Mart
along with some small doilies
pulled out more Chantilly paper
and some coordinating cardstock
and set my Cricut to humming cutting out flowers...
lots and lots of flowers.

I took a little tuck in the doily to make it a wee bit smaller
(just fold it in on itself--)
then I hot glued the egg onto the doily
then took a length of tulle and wrapped it around the doily and the egg
tied it in a knot and cut it off.
Then I hot glued two leaf springs
(one of my few Martha Stewart punches that actually work...)
and topped it with flowers.

(why can you never see the glue strings until AFTER
the photo shots?)
I just love them!  So bright and spring-y looking.
About the only thing that's spring like here

I am off to get ready for what's left of my groupies tonight.
Until next time,
happy stamping and scrapping!

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