Tuesday, March 12, 2013

NOT a "Paid Advertisement"!

It's like Christmas here today!
I came home on this dreary wet day
and found my mailbox
wide open and stuffed full...
not happy about the "wide open" part
as the box contained a couple of parcels
that anyone driving down the road
could have carried off.
they didn't!
the next conundrum was--
which parcel to open first!
I went for the feet
and opened the box from
Herrington first.
You see
we live at the beach
and I am a barefoot kind of gal.
All. the. time.
The shoes
are the first things to come off
when I get home anywhere that they can.
As a result I have tough soles
and in winter
dry, extremely thick calluses
that crack and are very sore.
I also hate socks
but I do wear pantyhose
and the calluses snag and tear them terribly.
 I ordered this
from Herrington.

It is well, for lack of a better description,
a battery operated sander for your feet!
That little blue roller (it was all blue!)
rotates and well...sands....the calluses right off.
No cutting-no rough edges like I have after a pumice stone
or hand-held "scraper".
This little gem leaves your feet
as soft and smooth as a baby's bottom.
And I speak from experience!
I ripped that package open
jammed in two batteries
and went to work right here at my desk!
The next pic is not for the faint of heart...

Here's the pile of dead skin that gadget sanded off.
The color is wonky as I had to make it darker for it to show up.
The only way it could do any better-
is to have someone else do it for you...
hello, honey?  you'll be home at what time?
And while I am talking about Herrington
I will plug their Contigo Travel Mug
I have tried A LOT of travel coffee mugs.
I have thrown out a lot of shirts with coffee stains
from said coffee mugs that leaked.
Last week
I filled it up-threw it into the pocket of my purse
raced to work
stuffed said purse ON IT'S SIDE in my desk drawer
and 45 minutes later
remembered the mug was in the purse!
But I will have you know
NOT ONE DROP leaked out!
You want to sip--
you push that little button.
You let the button go-
and that sucker SEALS!
It keeps the coffee hot, too!
So--check out Herrington.
I've had nothing but awesome service and products from them.
Ok-so this is a CRAFT BLOG
so let's get onto some crafting!
I don't have a lot of Cricut cartridges
I do have a small collection.
While the boxes are nice-they do take up a fair amount
of room.
And those cartridges are a tight fit into the little storage slot
and I am always afraid I will break something in the cartridge
taking it in and out.
So I checked out all the items online
for Cricut storage.
Of course what I wanted---was out of stock.
I did manage after a month or two
to find one on eBay.
And I got it.
And it came today.
And I am IN LOVE with it, too!

Each long pocket
holds two sets of books & key pads

Each short pocket at the end of each long pocket
holds two cartridges.
I have not done it yet but
there's a little clear pocket on the front
of each long pocket
for you to put a label in!

This holds a total of 12 cartridges.
I have this one almost full.
So I may be on the look out for another.
It keeps it simple and works the best for me
I do not want to waste time fumbling through 20+ cartridges and pads.
Keep It Simple, Sharon is my mantra.
And for me---THIS IS SIMPLE!
And I simply LOVE IT.
I know-I said that already.
Oh-and on the outside edge---
there's also another clear pocket for a label!
No missing what's what.
That's all for today!
I am off to put my pampered feet up
right after I label my cartridges
and maybe have another cup of coffee as well!
Until next time,
happy stamping and scrapping!