Thursday, March 21, 2013

The Bees Knees....!

Or should I say
The Queen Bee's new shopping bag...
drum roll please...
(trumpets too---oh? no trumpets humph!
Off with the trumpeters heads when you find them!)
This started out as a plain as in there was no froo-froo ruffle
on this bag to start with!
It was a super find at Joanns a week or so ago.
got yellow dotted material-
just chopped off a long strip
hand ran a basting stitch through it and gathered it right up.
Rule of thumb is double the length you want to cover.
I frayed the edges to give it an even more boho chic look
(I dare you to try and find the part that actually the wrong direction...!)
Then I got out my trusty low temp glue gun
tacked both ends down----
and then worked underneath the ruffle
and just glued and adjusted gathers as I went.

On top of that
to cover up my wonky basting stitch
I put some nylon (? it's sheer --not tulle tho) flower trim
and just kinda bunched it up as I glued it down, too.
Now being as this was dubbed at a grocery bag---
and had three nice size loops in there
to hold wine bottles upright---

I decided that since wine bottles weren't
what I wanted to be toting around---
I needed to turn them into real pockets.
Whipped that bag inside out.
Again with the glue gun
just maneuvered the material around
and hot glued the bottom down to the side of the bag.
This was a cheapy---less than $ 3 bag.
Is it going to last forever?
I doubt it.
If it lasts a season for me---I will be happy.
I maybe have $ 8 in it altogether.
Did it in less than 1 hour.
My kind of magic!

Great way to start my week-end
(I am off on Fridays---go me!)
Until next time-
happy stamping and scrapping!