Friday, March 15, 2013

Hello Spring!

I finally have something creative to post!
I wanted to create a spring banner
and started on it last week-end
but it was one of those days
when NOTHING went right in the magic kingdom...
so I set it aside
after completing the "base" of it.
Yesterday afternoon & evening
I embellished it...
finished it...
and then discovered that
where I wanted to hang it---
(across the church pew we have in our kitchen
as seating...)
it didn't show up too well.
I didn't realize
quite how large it is...
I may have to put it there anyway.
I used Close to My Heart's new paper
along with CTMH Cricut cartridges
Artiste and Art Philosophy
Some retired CTMH stamp sets...

along with some contraband (aka not CTMH product...)
I really like how it came together...
I just should have used maybe three of the banner pieces
and condensed it a little.
Oh well.
I had fun
and it certainly looks spring-y.
You cannot see it in the pics
but I added a little holographic embossing
between the banner pieces so it has some sparkle.
The pom-pom trim is just too fun not to include it.
I need to go clean up my creative mess.
and speaking of which---
this is one of those
I never thought of that before
ah-hah moments.
This past week
the copier in my office went down.
After a thorough exam with flashlight,
tweezers, etc. and seeing no tidbits of paper
jammed somewhere it shouldn't be
(as the machine kept telling me there was...)
I called my friendly Xerox repairman.
He came out.
He found no paper stuck, either.
What he did find, however,
was an intsy tinsy piece of
fuzzy dust
not much bigger than a pin head
on a sensor deep inside the machine.
One little speck
created lots of complications.
And I thought of this yesterday
while I was working with both
maybe not such a good idea!
I think I will avoid having those two things going
at the same time.
I don't (personally) know any Circuit repairmen
so I will play it safe!
Off to do some housework
and then to the hairdresser.
Until next time,
happy stamping and scrapping!

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Kristin said...

Very nice Sharon! I pinned it.