Sunday, May 8, 2011

Lost and found...

Good afternoon all.  If you think you "lost" me--I've been "found"!  I was here (tried to crop this so you could see that that sign on the lamp post says THE CITADEL in Charleston, SC visiting (albeit BRIEFLY) my "nephew" who will be a junior in fall.  I was quite impressed with the campus, met the Commandant, had special seating (better than I had at my step-son's wedding-but won't go there!)
and was quite impressed (despite pouring down rain and a drastic dip in temperature) in the pomp and circumstance of the "parade"
This is called the Long Gray Line and the current regimental commander is turning over the command to the new commander for next year.  It's pretty cool, too, that my other "nephew" held the regimental commander position last year. Both my "nephews" (who are brothers) have attended The Citadel and are fine young men.  I was thoroughly impressed with ALL the young men and women I saw and met and their manners and courtesy as well as that of their superiors.  We have some fine folks preparing to serve our country and I was really touched by the care and concern their leaders showed for each of them.   
Saturday their mom (my friend of 30+ years!) and I spent some time sight-seeing...

and I completely fell in love with Chaaaaa-rls-tn! 
The photo below is of what's called Rainbow Row-a row...

with the different colored buildings I think you can tell how it got it's name.
We had lots of "girl-time", shopping and good eating...
and I definitely want to go back!  I am sure there's a lot more of the city to see,
and I would also like to see Sullivan's Island, Pawley's Island
and a few other places along the way.
For a number of reasons, Mother's Day is a painful time for me
and this was a wonderful diversion.
Kinda disappointed in that Charleston is a place that my hubby and I have always talked about visiting together and never have for whatever reason--
but seeing it and catching up with my friend was quite enjoyable!
She showed me a wonderful week-end  I have some great new memories.
As soon as I finish editing my photos and upload them to Shutterfly,
I will be putting these

to use to document our trip. I have just enough photos to make this cute little album!
Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping!
Blessings, Sharon

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