Saturday, May 28, 2011

The saga continues...!

Well, I've done nothing "artsy-fartsy" other than...order these and a few others from Mo's Digital Pencil.  These are just a few--"Nesto" --the bucket boy, is an individual image---the other two beachy themed items are part of a set of 6 that are just adorable (and of course I couldn't resist her "talking to the cat" image!). I am thinking of using "Nesto" with  her "Little Umbrella" lady lounging on the beach  for a card for the preschool teachers. Am thinking "Nesto" on the front with "GO...."and then the Little Umbrella lady behind him or on the inside with "celebrate summer!"I got all the treats done for the kiddos-thankfully-before all heck broke loose this week. The teachers got left behind when I got the appt. with the surgeon on short notice.

After my allergies getting worse and worse despite meds, in talking with my still-out-of-town hubby last night, he wondered if I was smelling the ammonia and/or moth balls he put between our floor and ceiling downstairs (we're up on pilings) to help evict the racoon(s?) that moved in. "I can't smell anything!"  That got me to thinking tho---I am getting worse---could there be a hole in the a/c ductwork and it's pulling the smell/chemicals inside? The "baby" (aka INKY (cat) is still feeling puny as well...are we slowly being poisoned? So...I reopened all the windows, cut off the a/c.  Finally fell asleep. Only to wake up an hour or so later with another gall bladder attack.  For 5 hrs. straight I was in agony! I did eventually get some sleep and am happy to say it's calmed down-and the allergies are not gone but significantly improved. Let's hope it stays cool enough to tolerate the open windows. This is SO NOT in MY PLAN for a HOLIDAY WEEK-END!
Anyway-I am trying to get my ducks in a row for things to do if I end up down for the count. Printing some of Mo's images to color being one of them--if my copic markers I ordered ever show up. Need to hit some yard sales or used book store for reading material as well. I feel crummy, cat feels crummy, lots to do and my get up and go has gotten up and went!
PLEASE---go do some stamping and scrapping for me! Until next time....Blessings, Sharon

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