Thursday, May 26, 2011

Feeling sorry for myself... : ---(

So not a happy Thursday!  Here's the scoop:  After watching this little guy lay around most of the week-end as well as Mon. and Tues.--and then wanting  to be rubbed and petted,
I knew it was time to go see our beloved vet.  Although he's had bladder issues in the past, I don't panic so much anymore as she's really got that under control (unlike our previous vet).  Turns out, he's a constipated kitty!  Poor guy. So there I was yesterday standing in the laxative aisle in our local Wal-Mart calling the vet's office and asking "What was the name of that laxative she wanted me to get for Inky?"  Then scouting the cooking aisle for a 1/8 teaspoon! Which I found!!! (Ya gotta understand-we have a "pretend" Wal-Mart. Their selections are terrible, they don't honor sale ads, they never have what's advertised to the rest of the country.)  Of course, this was something new sprinkled on his food so no go.  Literally. Fooled him this am and mixed it in a little canned food. When you're hungry, even if you're not Mikey (aka Bad Cat in our house)--you'll eat anything. So down the hatch it went.  Hopefully, it will help.

In the meantime, the second story line to all this is...I was up the entire night Tues. night with yet another gall bladder attack. Actually three-or one very long one that gave me brief reprieves in between. That led to a call to my PCP for a referral to a surgeon. It's time.  I've tried diet, we've worked on lowering my elevated estrogen (a cause in gb issues in women that dr's won't tell you about...), and acupuncture (which helped some, too).  But it's not significantly better-at least not to my satisfaction. As much as I am terrified of surgery (for good reason), it's time.  On top of this, my husband left for VA yesterday morning (nothing he can do-the worst was over by then and I'm good for another 3-4 weeks if the cycle I encouraged him to go as planned).  What I didn't expect was an appointment with said surgeon THIS MORNING?!  So now I have an hr. drive one way to "town" to see a new doctor (something I hate more than going to the dentist (she at least gives me "happy pills" so I don't care!) Did I mention that I have a horrible cold and/or allergies going on at the same time?  I AM NOT a HAPPY CAMPER!  That, and my boss was out of the office yesterday so I couldn't get the bulletins or the newsletter finished so I have a huge workload hanging over my head to deal with as well.  Was feeling so puny last night I fell sound asleep at 8 PM--woke up and 4--and realized I forgot my hormones and other meds so not sure if I am feeling a hot flash or fever and naturally there's not a working thermometer in the house either.  On top of that, I was going to take advantage of his time away and clean the craft room-a chance to pull everything out, sort and put back.  Not happening. With everything else going on the rest of the house is in disarray and I keep thinking, "If surgery happens right is this and that going to get done?" Can't go there.  Theresa gave me that pep talk last night and I just have to hit the "rewind" and "replay" button. 
Wish I could have a good cry and feel better!
Needless to new artwork. I even *bought* a birthday card for a friend yesterday! About killed me...but just didn't have the "oomph" and mojo to make one.
Until next time, do some stamping and scrapping for me, will ya please?! Blessings, Sharon

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