Saturday, May 28, 2011

Theresa saves the day!

After putzing around the house a wee bit and getting a few things accomplished, as I worked my way into the kitchen, I decided I wanted to do something with the silver serving spoon and blue ribbon my darling husband won--claws down--with his crab soup recipe a few months back at our church's annual Soup Cook-Off.  Claws...crab soup. Yep, I am feeling a wee bit better, thank you! ; )  I found papers in my stash  that would work, printed off the photos...but needed a shadow box 12x12 frame. That meant...a trip to Wilmington (1 hr. away).  I called Theresa.  With her husband off at work she decided she could come and --well, go!  So off we went. Naturally, I couldn't find a frame deep enough to house the spoon-so I thought I would just go to   plan B and would attach it to the outside instead. Until I wandered back to the wood aisle! I hit sawdust--ah, pay dirt!
This shadow box has a beautiful latch to it and is deep enough to hold all the items I want to protect-particularly since it's going to be in the kitchen!
Theresa helped me pick out paints and I am going to try my hand at whipping up a crackled finish for this dish!  Going to use a pale blue underneath a soft cream color---perfect mix for crab soup, don't you think?!
Then, as if all that weren't good enough, I found these, too:
Remember when I found this
Thinking it was small enough to sit on my desk and hold my cell phone when, in actuality, it's turned out to be large enough to hold a small cat?! Well! The ones I found today WILL hold a cell phone-AND fit on my desk! For $ 1.50 or less each...!!! The company I got the large chair from has a set of three small ones like I found today for---drum roll please--$ 24.99 + SHIPPING! For far less, I will have 4 to match my decor!  Go me! Living room, kitchen, craft room and bedroom. The cell phone WILL NOW HAVE IT'S OWN THRONE--or will as soon as I hit them with a little paint and crackle!
Time for some supper, some more straightening up, and a little bit of painting. I can't wait!
Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping! Blessings, Sharon

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