Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Pass the PEAS, please...

Go ahead-I double dare you to say that fast three times before your morning coffee! Lol. These really look a little gnarly- I just popped them out of the fridge to take the photos and they have this funky looking "film" just from being cold.  My hubby decided for some reason to try PEAS in his garden this year. I went down to help him pick the first crop.  He handed me one fresh off the vine and said "taste this".  It was AWESOME!  We ended up eating as many as we picked-pod and all!  They are nice and firm and crunchy (I HATE mushy peas and will only eat frozen peas (cooked, of course) until I tried these.  We've put them in salads and crunch away. Better yet, I find myself going after them rather than crackers or chips when I have the urge to "crunch"!  
and are they just not ADORABLE lined up in the pod?

Ahhh...summer is on it's way--fresh veggies. Can't wait for the TOMATOES to arrive! We've already had fresh corn on the cob (store bought but still...) and even better for me this year as my allergies tested NEGATIVE to corn so I can eat it again without worrying about side effects!
Ok. On to some crafty stuff! Go here and you can enter to win some BLOG CANDY---either a Cricut cartridge or an IMAGINE cartridge!  Well, I am going to win the Cricut cartridge so YOU can register to win the Imagine one! After all, it is a POP UP cartridge and we all know how the OKI StampQueen feels about POP UP things~!
Better go get these royal buns ready for work! Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping!
Blessings, Sharon

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