Sunday, July 17, 2011

With this CATALOG....I Thee Wed....

Ok--so I have some NEWS---
significant news...
but first, let me give you some background...

This past week...the Close to My Heart annual convention
has been happening at Disneyland in sunny California.
I had no desire to spend the time or money to take this trip to attend this event...
(it would be no fun without Theresa!)
So those of us who stayed home
have been monitoring the events via the bulletin boards and Twitter.
I didn't even start doing this until Wednesday-
I didn't feel well on Mon.,
Tues. I was busy getting ready for our scrapbooking group...
where we decided that, in September Theresa will do a class on how to use
our Cricut machines.

On Wed-or maybe it was Thurs.
THE WEDDING was announced...

proposed to

and the words "I DO! were uttered!
The "ceremony" was sealed with the new Autumn/Winter 2011 Catalog!
CTMH now offers a 700 image Cricut cartridge
that matches a significant number of CTMH stamp sets
(with more to come, I am sure!)
It also has 10 boxes for crafting & gifts!
It will be available August 1st
a $ 129.64 valued item
 for a mere  $ 99.00!!!

Now I shook my head at first---
But... the more I've read about it...
the more stamp sets I've seen that it coordinates with
that I actually like--
This is going to be a must-have for me.
And, as if that isn't great enough...
all the stamp set prices---are going DOWN!
That is awesome!
So---I think I will be sticking with CTMH a little longer!

The bad news is...
the acrylic block storage case is being discontinued
(available while supplies last...)
and the paper packs are decreasing in size
and increasing in price...
I think they should've found a compromise
between the stamp and paper prices---
but they didn't ask me...
and until Theresa and I win the lottery
and have our own store--
we're stuck with the other person's rules...sigh.
If you want something from the old catalog-please let me know---
If you want a new catalog--let me know...
Until then, I am going boating (aka swimming, napping, reading & picnicing!)
Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping!

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