Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A Happy Day...

"To my guy with the great green thumb..."

"whose other parts aren't so bad, either!
Happy Growing Better (Birth) Day!"

Yesterday was my darling husband's birthday!
A "firecracker baby" for sure!
These past years it's been somewhat bittersweet
as his mother passed away on the same day...
so it's been difficult to find a balance but I think some healing has happened
as time has passed and he really seemed to enjoy the day!

I fixed him breakfast and the first thing he wanted to do
was deliver the doggie goodie bag and check on Carla.
So we called her new mom and went for a visit.
She came and greeted us--but was also busy checking out a new furr friend.
It was great to see her actually running and playing in her new yard!
It was a quick visit and on the way home we stopped
at our local surf shop and he picked out a new bathing suit--my present for him.
While he chatted with one of our sons
I went to the local BBQ house and picked up our "picnic"--
ribs, fries, slaw
and came home to slice the key lime pie to pack to go with it!
We went out on the boat, anchored in our favorite spot
and found a tide pool that was as warm as a hot tub!
We just floated and relaxed
watching birds and the crabs crawling along the edges.
After a nice swim we chowed down!
It was the first attempt since my surgery at significantly fatty food-
but all was well! A relief!
We sat and read for awhile and headed home about 8 pm--
had time to unpack and head up to our widow's walk to watch the fireworks.
It's a great view from up top
 and we saw fireworks from Southport, Myrtle Beach and
a number of other places--
including homes just 2-3 away from ours!
Seeing them that up close and personal was pretty spectacular
and there were plenty of them, too--
at least an hours worth!
Hot showers to get the salt from swimming off and a nice snuggle
was the end of what  I would say was a pretty perfect day!
Had I remembered THE CAMERA....it would have helped! Oh well...!

The photos above are of the card I made
using the gardener guy & potter's bench
from Mo's Digital Pencil.
She just added the gardener guy last week-perfect timing!
The paper is from Theresa and Stampin' Up. 
Not too girly and perfect for the gardening theme.
I used the "make your own pop dots out of fun foam" trick
and it worked nicely
(hubby was glad to see pop dots--he likes the dimension, too
and teased that Theresa must have taken and hidden my "mia" pop dots! lol!)

Since the cleaning ladies were here last week
(coupled with my feeling somewhat better!)
I have managed to stay on the Flylady routines I have
and keep things straightened up
even with all our comings and goings and company!
It's really not hard---use the "do it now" principle and the quick pick ups.
The dishwasher is running as is the washer as I type. 
They will be ready for a quick put away when I get home from work
and then I can prep the class kits for next week's class!
For now, I'd better go get the royal buns ready for work.
it was really nice having a 4-day week-end...
Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping!

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Stressed Stamper said...

stunning - love these Mo images work brilliantly together - perfect card
Sarah x