Monday, July 25, 2011

At the Crop...

is where Theresa and I were yesterday!
The lone "true" scrapbook store we have left
in Myrtle Beach
about an 1 1/2 hr. drive
give or take!
I prepped 4 "kits" to do while we were there
and ran out!
So I bought another layout kit
and finished it
with time to spare!
Let me tell ya---
preparing "kits" to take with you to a crop
REALLY maximizes what you are able to accomplish!
How'd I do it?
I first selected the photos I wanted to crop--
this was easy as I have organized the photos into groups
in ziplock bags
with an index card noting the details...
Once I pulled out the baggies of the pics I wanted to work with
I went to the paper and embellishment stash I have
just for this project
(my goddaughters scrapbook--she's going to be 12...
i am behind...but jumping in anyway!)
and put those with the pics.
Then I did whatever stamping, cutting, etc. had to be done
along with taking a photo of the layout so I would remember what I planned to do in the first place---!---
and put all that in the 13x13 ziplock bags CTMH has
(I LOVE THESE BAGS--just for this reasoN!)
Then yesterday
all I did was pull out a bag, assemble my layout,
put it in a page protector and presto!
I was done!
I went to the crop with one book--
and came home with two!
I confess...
I didn't get THAT much done--
(about 3 layouts and a few single pages as well...not too shabby!!!)
we got to the crop early-she hadn't opened yet
so we hit Michaels
and with my 40% off coupon
I got another scrapbook
as the first one was overflowing
(ah-hmmm...Theresa blames my addiction to pop dots!)
and so I  broke out the pages into the two books...
(and that will even change as I finish scrapping the photos I have!)
I am getting close---so close---
to being caught up!
I can't wait!
I think maybe I will take her and her mom out for tea at our tea room
and surprise her with the books.
For now, she (they) get to just look---
when I die-they become hers!
I promise photos tomorrow
of some of my handiwork!
For today, I hope the "tips" on how to prepare for a crop helped.
It also cut down on the tons of STUFF I had to SCHLEP to the crop! ; )
Now--it's off to work-
at least my boss is on vacation!!!
Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping!


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