Saturday, July 9, 2011


Just lost my entire post!
I am so not happy!

I realized something yesterday---
after Theresa called and nixed our Wilmington
shopping trip-it was raining cats & dogs
& she said her husband said
they couldn't see to drive
(he works for Fed-Ex---he should know!)
I went in the "magic kingdom"
& realized I don't go in there
as I am on OVERLOAD
when I do---
too much stuff-too many projects
waiting to be done...
don't know where to start.
I have a solution.
I need a SleepNumber bed.
My fibromyalgia has been raging
for weeks now.
And while a craft supply sale
(and attic and...)
won't pay for all of one,
it would be a start.
So look out STUFF
me & my price gun are after you!
Some great deals will be had
at some point by someone for sure!
I've been on a Flylady kick
The cleaning ladies came last week
(we have tile floors all thru the house---and it's hard for me to mop
on top of all the rest)
but I can do my daily routines & keep things picked up
no hot spots here
(well, other than the winter clothes that are still waiting to be put away...!)
so I worked in the craft room some yesterday
and wow!
What a difference
just 15 minutes at a time made!
 I spent a few hours but it seemed like a lot less--
doing bits & pieces 15 mins. at a time! ; ) 
I have my project back on my worktable
(and not on the dining room table!)
and, speaking of which,
I am teaching our group next week
and did the sample pages
several times
and still don't like them. Any of them!
So hopefully I can find some paper today
and can pull kits together quickly
and a 1" circle punch.
GOD PLEASElet me find one that works!!!
No time to order one from Theresa from SU
and while my 1 1/4" CTMH punch is the pits
(it's hard to punch and sounds like a cannon going off!)
it at least works
the TWO 1" ones I have---stick.
Every. Single. Time.
I need to punch 210 circles total
for these layouts.
Need more coffee just thinking about that!
Until next time, if YOU want more time to play
go check out
and figure out your routines---
they work if you work them! ; )
happy stamping and scrapping!

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