Friday, March 30, 2012

Flying on Friday...

not sure
if a food allergy or the potent pollen
caught up with me but something did
and I don't have much voice today!
Some sniffles and tickles--

Seems that I have some time to myself on my hands
(including two holidays and my birthday...)
I am working on another list of
things I want to get accomplished-for me.
That's the flylady key I think...we do it-for us.
At least that works for me!

I love decluttering and getting organized
when I have "extra" time...
Last time
it was my craft room...

I am tackling a bedroom.
I have decluttered my dresser
(an entire tall trash bag out the door! Go me!)
and wiped down the horizontal surfaces
(I LOVE Murphy's Oil Soap smell!)
and swept up at least enough hair
for an entire cat!
The closet
is next.
And then it will be back to the attic project
as summer clothes need to come down and winter clothes need to go up
along with the Christmas decorations...
don't ask!

I do have some fun things planned, too.
There's a free concert to go to...
a craft show next week-end in the park
and then the Easter sunrise service
so it will not be all work and no play for this girl!

For now--
I tackle a little-and take a break.
Blog hop a little--look at Juxtapost
(ohmygosh---I LOVE that site-
except for the posts that don't have "close" buttons
and you end up back at the very beginning!)
You can find tons of interesting things there!

I hope to get some time in the craft room as well...
maybe later today or tomorrow.
Need to work on some Easter goodies for the preschool kids
and a few other little projects for me...
so stay tuned!
Just never know what little surprises I have
up my sleeve!

Whatever you do--
until next time-happy stamping and scrapping!


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