Monday, March 12, 2012

Monday: More photos...

I've--make that we've--
actually gotten the bicycles out
and took bike rides this week-end.
I took the new camera with me...
Canon Elph Powershot 310...
I am loving it-let me tell ya!
The zoom--is awesome on this little point and shoot...
these are all taken on just the plain old automatic settings
no touch ups-other than a little cropping
and "straightening"
the lighting and everything else--
is au nautral...!
If you click on them and view them larger--
they are even more stunning (bragging-but hey--
they are!)
These little pics don't do the "crispness" of the colors
and the detail justice...
I was so busy playing with the zoom setting
I didn't "plan" on trying to get the turtles
and their reflections, too!

now I need Photoshop and to learn how to
crop that stick right out of there!
These were  taken across the culvert that these guys live in...
they were on the far bank from me...

so blissful! 

I love how the closest and furthest blossoms are a little blurred
sort of a softer focus---with the middle ones crisp and clear!
Again--this was automatic setting
point and shoot... no photo editing!

When we got home
it was time for the cats to eat---
our outside kitties
aka Moe and Cocoa
decided to cooperate for a photo shoot...
when cats blink at you like this--it's a sign of acceptance...

they always start out with two heads in one bowl...

This is Bad Cat--one of our inside cats-obviously...
wonder what he's ready to write about...?!

this week will give me some time
to get some crafting done...
If nothing else,
tomorrow night is our "groupie night"
so I will have whatever wonderful projects
Theresa teaches us!

Until then,
happy stamping and scrapping!