Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sunday Smorgasboard...and Louie the Leprechaun update

Not blogged all week!
At least not on mine--so today is kind of catch-up day...

It's not been a good week...seems like everything I've touched
went ---well, south...most everything anyway...

First up-to the CTMH sisters--
or anyone else out there who's talented with
Photoshop or the like
and would be willing to help restore this photo...
please contact  me --
as you can see, there are some small brown spots
particularly on the face---
I've tried and tried to post it to the CTMH bulletin board
and nothing works...been the theme this week!

Yesterday after all the paper projects failed
I attempted some felt flowers...
the sewing machine had been fixed for sometime
and I found the felt I had purchased for these sometime back
and never tried because the sewing machine needed fixing...
anyway---here's my attempt at felt flowers...

no two are alike...and they are not hard to do--
but I was less than pleased with my inconsistency
in their look...
I know-no two flowers in nature are exactly alike, either...
and practice makes I will try my hand at some later
there's a multitude of things I think these could be used for!

After Louie the Leprechaun (more on him in a minute...)
last Sunday, I made some of these...

inside of the antiqued chicken box...

stamped sides of the bunny box--CTMH My Peeps stamp set--
I love this set!

the bunny "jumps" right  up once you open that ribbon!

and there's a sweet little treat inside the hidden drawer, too!
Just don't leave them on your work table too long--
I had a few visitors (ants!) that they attracted! Ewww!

Now-for Louie the Leprechaun!

(if you didn't read last Sunday's post-
scroll down and read it first-we'll wait! ; )  )
He made his way with me to work on Monday
and to the teacher of the 3 year olds...
who immediately set to laying out the shamrock trail
which led to "Louie" and the treasure chest...
She read her class the note
and they took off in search of Louie...
I heard them first in the preschool director's office
and then they made their way into mine...
the fact that they found CANDY that Louie left
was not what had them most excited...
the very first thing that I heard from each one of them
was that he (Louie) was "saw-rrry" (sorry)
for making a mess in their room!
It was only after they made that point--
several times (!)--that I heard he left them candy!
And I could have some-
which was the second thing that surprised me-
not that they were willing to share-
but that they often offered me their own piece
rather than telling me to take one from
the tresure chest full!
The teachers were laughing about my
not-so-Irish name--Louie? Really?!
Well---I was going for the alliteration--give me a break! Lol!
Ms PJ told me that they had a leprechaun-
and his name was---
Patti  O'Furniture!

On top of everything else...
the guy on the right
our outside/feral cat "Cocoa Puff"
has been MIA all week...
and the guy on the left (aka "Moe")
has been looking very lost and forlorn...
they are the very best of buds---
so I am praying that Cocoa either comes home
and/or that, regardless, Moe  will stay put
and not wander off, too...

Well, that's certainly a smorgasboard of stuff...!

I have to go and try and make a
Happy 21st birthday card today...
and I am fresh out of "WOW" it may take awhile!

Maybe a bike ride will blow away the cobwebs...
and yep, that's mein the photo above--probably forty---something years ago!
I still have a bike--with basket and new "ooga-horn"...
I guess I will have to make my own streamers
for the handles of my bike
(our bike for two has them on my handlebars!)
 as they seem hard to find this year...
unless I want to purchase the Barbie basket, too!

Whatever you do today-
and until next time,
happy stamping and scrapping!

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Theresa Dagostino Forge said...

Love the fllowers! They are gorgeous!