Saturday, March 31, 2012

Sniff---Sick on Saturday...

I am sick.
And worse than yesterday.
What happened to my magic Zyrtec I took?
It ALWAYS works...?
Or used to.

So I am sitting here feeling sorry for myself.
There was SO MUCH I wanted to get done today...
Summer clothes down-winter clothes up
sort more attic stuff while I was at it
so another room could finally get done...
but, sadly,
it just ain't gonna happen according to my plan.
We plan-God laughs as the saying goes...
and now, as I am typing-there's even thunder
so blog hopping will be cut short for sure!

But I am not giving up  the ship hope.
I did get the bedroom back together last night...
I'd desperately like new bedspread and curtains---
but it's not in the budget right now...oh well...

I slept well
until Bad Cat decided he wanted breakfast
at O-dark thirty...
trust me-there's no sleep alarm on a cat!

Anyway-enough whining.
I've had some coffee and decided
that there are some things I can get done today
even if it's not what I had planned--
I can do 15-minute room rescues
and straighten up a few hot spots
(aka the craft room worktable, dishes,
swish and swipe the bathroom...)
taking time outs in between.

On my way to refill the coffee cup
I saw the bedroom rug I had put on the back deck to dry
and rescued it from the rain
bringing it in to toss in the dryer instead...
when I got close I heard a meow...

so much for my clean bathrobe that got left in there!
That Bad Cat! Lol!

Until next time--
happy stamping and scrapping.


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