Friday, March 9, 2012

Poof! Word verification gone!

Thank you, Sarah,
for telling me
there was "word verification"
on my blog comment section...
I had no clue
(I don't typically leave comments to myself-
and don't check settings...ever...)
so until she pointed this out
had no clue that you poor souls
were having to do
what I myself despise doing!
I waved that magic wand and scepter
and it's gone...!

On the same note--
earlier this week--I woke up
and logged in and on and---
to my usual aol page
and it had ALL CHANGED
the gremlins took over!
My favorites----were no longer living
where they used to!
(this was before much coffee).
I FINALLY found them-
they are now on the right.
It's been almost a week.
I still don't like it.
unless it's making word verification go away...!
Off to yet another drs. appt. today
wish me luck
and say a few prayers, please--
if they don't soon start working
on these haywire hormones...
well, it won't be pretty!
Theresa and I will do some shopping afterward
so it won't be a total bust.
The new camera is here--
Canon Elph 310-
I haven't taken the first picture...
haven't even loaded the software
maybe this week-end...
today would have been a good time to start-
the cat who has his own water pitcher to drink from
(he doesn't like the bowl)
didn't want  that---oh no---
wanted to drink out of momma's water glass---
which is tall and narrow--
and was only 1/3 full
he had his entire leg up to his shoulder
down in the glass
batting at the water
and then
tried to put the head in, too!
This is the "baby" (aka Inky, actually 5-6)
but still---
no way he was gonna fit...too funny
as Theresa would say...!

Some Easter posts coming--I promise!

Untl next time, happy stamping and scrapping!

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