Friday, March 2, 2012

Ok---TGIF---My "Catch Up" Day...

let me go refill the coffee cup
and grab a chocolate peanut butter oatmeal no bake cookie
(or two-you can't eat just one!)
hold on---
I'm good to go now!
Been so long since I've done a real post
where to start?!
First up--
our groupie card class.
They wanted some "if they're awesome like this...!" cards...
meaning the "step card" format...
So that's one of what we did...
we made the step card.
On my sample I colored the images with Copics
(they colored their own!)
and glittered her skirt...
I couldn't resist popping up her little feet---too cute!
Then using "Needs Mummy"
and the pop-up tissue box I cased


we did the get well card complete with a
pop-up tissue box inside...

I tweaked her measurements just a tad---
this is a super simple technique to make ANYTHING
just make a little box, attach it,
and then attach your image you want popped up
to the front!

BTW: the Stampin' Up Word Window Punch
makes a GREAT opening for your tissue box-
Theresa can help you out with ordering yours...
I cannot for the life of me
find my sample card for the
"I {heart} You" word card we did...
but I posted that a few weeks back...
so scroll down through the Valentine posts
and you'll see it...

On a personal note...
Hubby made not one but two recipes of
who knew CATS like Key Lime Pie...

This is Bad Cat-on the bar where he's not supposed to be
licking what little was left in the dish!
I've started a list of the weird things
this cat eats--deviled egg was the most recent...!

But, really no surprise
'cause my hubby is a GREAT COOK---
last Saturday we had our 4th Annual
Soup and Stew Cook Off
at our church...

Three stews/chili's were entered...
in their own category of course...

and then 7-8 soups...(I just picked the #10 spot--
'cause I KNEW---well, you get it, I'm sure...!

including my hubby's blue ribbon award winning
Last year he won hands down...
and, if truth be told,
they weren't happy campers
that he entered again this year!

The votes were in...

And yep, he won hands-down-
or should I say CLAWS DOWN--again!
They said
he can't enter it next year-he has to "retire it"...
Lobster bisque, anyone? Hint-hint...! lol!

Now I have to figure out how to incorporate the new medal
in with the awards from last year---
or make a new one to add to it...hmmm...
I need to run out to our local sub shop
who's once again featuring his recipe for the day!

We are fogged in this morning-
it's damp and cool
and with the stress from awaiting test results
sweating job cuts
(thank God that didn't happen--this time!)
and not sleeping well
my fibro is raging today.
I needed a week-end of lots of energy
to get some serious fly-ladying done
and 120+ preschool pics scrapped
for their open house next week!
Oh well.
Someone said  "we plan, God laughs..."
I guess I will take the
15 minutes doing--15 minutes resting approach...
and what gets done-does
and what doesn't-will wait.

Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping!

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