Saturday, March 17, 2012

Silly & Sweet Little Somethings on Saturday...

I have spent most of the morning
up in our attic...
and if yours is anything like ours...
oy vey!
I was working fast and furious
and managed to hit my head
no less than three times
(earlier this week-I wonked it on the outside deck handrail
trying to catch a cat...
and yesterday I hit it on the treadmill
while cleaning that room!)
I jokingly told my husband I needed a hard hat---
a comment about my head followed--
we won't go there...
So today he gave me this...
Yep-it helped!
It needs a little bling dontchathink?!

It got to hot I headed back down.
When I did the craft room makeover
a lot of things ended up stashed in another room...
it's time to tackle that!
I grabbed some baskets that had misc. items that needed sorting
and, if you have cats, you KNOW what happened
the minute it was empty...

love that little paw sticking out!

time for a cat nap...
Then I came across this little gem
something I made eons and eons ago...
don't want to get rid of it...
but where oh where to put it...

this is a little band aid tin...decorated, of course...

think this has to stay...!

that's it for today!
Break's over-
it's either back to the bedroom that needs flyladying
or a bike ride...hmmmm?!
Until next time, happy stamping and scrapping!

1 comment:

Stressed Stamper said...

Hi hun
Nice posting - I am forever hitting my head in the loft too.
Have a good weekend hun
Sarah x