Saturday, October 15, 2011

Labor of Love Part Two: The Card...

Here's the finished card...
(the little "slider" oval is from the
Art Philosophy Cricut cartridge--
I just LOVE it!!!)

I've been pondering what to write in it
and while Blogger was uploading
the coffee finally kicked in and my brain started working
I think I will write a little something
to Baby Oliver...
a little about who he's chosen as his mom
and his family (grandparents/Auntie)
and what they will learn
on their adventure(s) together...
Of course, THE StampQueen herself
taught me early on
that there should, under no uncertain terms,
be any NAKED MAIL...
so the enve got decorated, too...

This paper is just too cute and made the whole project
so much easier...

I am about to call my pastor
for an exorcism or something
of my craft room---
the gremlins are still working overtime in there...
after I had put the last piece into the frame--
the bottom with the dinosaurs
(which had to be cut out from almost the middle of the 12x12 page---)
I managed to lay it down on top of the OPEN
ink pad...
Back to the drawing board...

Before I even started on this card
I pulled out the K&Company
packages of pre-folded cards I splurged on
at WM this past week
to work on a Holly Days project.
At $3 for 15--they were steal!
When I opened them, however,
this is what I found...

11 out of 15 cards
were very poorly folded
we're talking 1/2" to 3/4" an inch off/skewed!
They are horrible!
I couldn't even bring myself to open the second package.
So now...
it's either cut and score my own
or wait until Theresa and I
head back to Wilmington
and buy some others.
I did e-mail K&Co.---so far, no reply
but it was Friday late afternoon.
We'll see if they will be like
Fiskers and Sizzix
who are AWESOME
when it comes to standing behind their product
or like
Martha Stewart and Tim Holtz
who could care less...
stay tuned-I'll let you know!
Holly Days projects are awaiting
so I better get back to it!
Until next time,
happy stamping and scrapping!

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Stressed Stamper said...

poor show with the cards _ I would be cross too...fab card there hun.
Sarah x