Monday, October 17, 2011

Monday Mail...

Ok-It's Monday
and I was psyched to have so much
wonderful fan mail
in my mailbox
and was writing a real nice post about it
when Blogger lost it all!
So not happy now!

Breathing...and back to it...
As I was saying before Blogger rudely interrupted me...
to all those who have taken time to pass along
kudos and compliments!
It really makes my day smile!

The baby book and card were my own creations!
(here's a peek at the card-see the post for the pics of the book)
I won't confess as to how much paper
headache and heartache
(I think the post title-LABOR of love--
summed it up pretty well!)
went into it...but it was worth it!
She really liked it.

To the follower who wanted the dimensions on my
I totally cased this cup card from
I did tweak a few things
(as I often do)
so read through both posts
and figure out what works for you!

Please take a minute and peek at yesterday's post & project--
ROCKIN' with Roxie
another original creation
(well, McD's probably has the patent on the
french fry box! lol!)
for the Holly Days Craft Show
coming all to soon
(Theresa and I say this every year this time of year--
and it comes every year this time of year--
just like Christmas...
I'm not a Flylady graduate---yet...
anyway-back to my project...
I did a few "softer"/feminine (pink) papers as well--
would you buy these little goodies for a girlfriend?
Nail file and holder that will survive the depths of the deepest purse
(no mo' hair, gum & gunk clinging for dear life
to the file--the sleeve keeps them clean!),
breath mints and lip balm...
I will wrap them in clear cello bag
with a gift tag and bow...
and sell them for a song sensible price
In this economy...I know I will be shopping
for bargains!

This week is looking as wild as the Roxie paper--
tomorrow night is Groupie night
so stay tuned for a look at the layouts we do.
I cannot find ANY of the photos I wanted to add to them
but it is what it is--
I still need to do catnip fish
the Look Here gift card holders
and, if memory serves
(and I am praying I am wrong...)
I need to replenish my stock
of headache pillows
(I could use one right about now thinking about this list-
T 18 days and counting...geesh...
did I mention I need to go to my "real job", too?
Better get these buns moving!
Until next time,
and happy stamping and scrapping!

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