Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Tired on Tuesday

Yesterday was a wild day at work
and a full afternoon of running errands
and working on these in the evening...

I have really, really enjoyed making these--
they went super smoothly
and I think they look sweet packaged up
with a pretty bow!
Ribbon and crystal glitzy embellishments-
what girl wouldn't want some?!
It's a win-win situation-
if they don't sell at Holly Days and the church craft show
then I am just that far ahead of schedule
for the little gifts I need
for people on my Christmas list!

Here's my so-called helpers...

They weren't too interested in all the girly things-
Bad Cat (right)
informed me I should be working on
catnip fish instead.
Yeah, I know-it's on the to-do list, too!

What I didn't get a picture of
is Ms. Dolly who really did help me!
(well, kept me company at least!)
She has her own room in our house
and she's been acting lonesome
but still won't get brave enough
to come out with the boys.
(She hasn't figured out she's in charge
just by being a GIRL
or that she has CLAWS!)
yet another screen door was salvaged
and placed on my craft room.
Last night for the first time
I took her in there with me.
After a little stress
(cats don't take well to new things-
at least not quickly...)
she jumped up onto the chair
I rolled next to me
and sat quietly
content to sniff the ribbon
but not bat at it
and to be petted from time to time!
She was the perfect little lady
and I am sure we'll be spending more time together in there in the future!
She was soooo skittish and angry
when we first got her
I worried if  I'd ever be able to touch her.
Fast forward at least a year
almost two--
and she's turned intoa real sweetheart-
loves, absolutely loves to be cuddled and brushed!
That's my girl!
She overcame the obstacles
learned to trust
and is living (I hope!)
happily ever after.

So it's off to my day job!
Tonight's Groupie night-
tomorrow's I'll post the pages.
Until then,
happy stamping and scrapping!


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Kristie Lippert said...

I love reading your blog about your ideas, but your cat stories are so funny because we too have cats (4) and they are pure entertainment and companions. I especially like the kitty on your blog that you can click on and it purrs, chases the mouse, etc. LOL