Saturday, October 22, 2011

Feeling WICKED....

particularly after this innocent looking guy
kept me awake
all. night.long.
He likes to sleep next to me
and be touching me
claws & paws do not mix
with Momma who is trying to sleep!
I finally gave up and got up.
I finished my book. I blog hopped.
I even cooked breakfast.
I am tired. I am grumpy. I am not in a good mood
(hence the post title---feeling WICKED!)
So I took Becky's advice from yesterday
and went and stamped something.

Note: Miss Maren (aka my goddaughter)...
 if you are reading my blog--stop right now.
DO NOT read this post. I mean it.

ok. Now that that's out of the way...
here's what I toiled and troubled over and brewed up...

It's a 3-fer test tube treat holder!
The treat? What? You can't figure it out?!
to be mixed with sour cream and mayonnaise
to dip OKRA CHIPS in!
Yep-you heard me...Okra chips.
Dried, fried whole pieces of okra
that taste like...chips.
The kid (aka my goddaughter) loves them!
Her first words when she comes through the door of our house is
"Gotanyokra?" (bright, hopeful eyes)
So for Easter--she got Okra chips.
Halloween...she's getting more Okra chips! lol.
Makes my life easy!

Back to my project...
I had a template for a single test tube holder
so I had to do some recalculating and configuring
to get a "3-tuber" figured out but I did it!
I even saved my directions!
She LOVED the Close to My Heart Wicked set
so I knew I wanted to use that...
and I have plenty of the beautiful velvet embossed
spider web fabric, MS's drippy goo punch
with a layer of spider webs (afterthought-see note below)
over that
(of course I got the whole project done and thought
they looked too plain-pulled off the ribbon-carefully-
stuck the border down carefully (tape was still on the back!)
stamped the webs and they just popped!
I worked the bows back on (go me!)
and they were done!

I didn't have a spot for the sentiment tho...what to do, what to do?
Well, how about a pull-up tag?!
I made a pocket on the back of the holder,
cut a tag to fit it, trimmed the area around the moon,
layered on the orange,
stamped the sentiment and--well, it too, looked plain.
Enter the Martha Stewart glow in the dark glitter, glue
and the itty bitty bat punch (no clue who made that!)
and I have a magical, mystical moon!
(which is becoming more and more opaque as it dries
and the bats have finally stopped flying off
(did you notice? One was missing in the top photo? Beware!) 

I added some raffia to make the broom--it's askew as well...
hmmm...some ghostly mischief going on with my photo shoot....?!

I love the black cat peeking around the test tubes...
sneaky and lurking....VERY cat-like!

I had a real black cat trying to help me with the final touch-
the bows and the spider...
he LOVES to bat at the ribbon-
thankfully there were no casualties-namely claws in Momma's hand!
I can't wait to see that moon glow tonight!
For now,
I'd better go clean up the mess I made and get back on track
for Holly Days (Christmas craft show)'s only 13 days away!!!
Hmmm...a nap does sound good tho...!
Until next time,
happy stamping and scrapping!


Carol Labuski said...

How 'wicked' is that? Awesome project! Love it!

artfulwhimsies said...

she will love it!! adorable!