Tuesday, October 4, 2011


I *had* the broom sign for several years now
and recently found the "warning" sign at Michael's
I just waited until they put it on sale
to bring it home.
I *knew* hubby would appreciate it!
And attitude?
Boy howdy-
do I have one today!
is adding links to my blog posts--
no clue who-no clue how-
and when I find out who and how...
it's going to hit the fan!
thus far, it's not been anything objectionable
but I don't want to advertise for people companies and things
I have absolutely no experience with!
How they have access is beyond me!
Working on it tho...
I welcome any advice and suggestions!

when I got to work today...
our internet was down.
Phone call to phone company-
bottom line-
they need to send a new box-
won't be here until late Tues. afternoon...
Then I try printing from my computer to our copier...
literally no go.
It keeps telling me to load paper in the bypass--
won't work at all.
Called Xerox.
He can be there as "early as" Tues. AM at 9:30
or as late as Wed AM at 9:30
Did I mention I am leaving
on vacation
before daybreak on Wed.?
I need to have two bulletins DONE
before I go?!
I was proud of myself-
I was NICE to everyone
I did not melt down
I did not yell
I did not use wordy-durds (dirty words)
I simply took a deep breath
and did what I could.
We did discover after the fact
it's just my computer not talking to the copier-
so I can print afterall-thank God for flash drives!
That was a HUGE relief!
Now I am working on my to-do list
since I was wide awake at 3:30 AM!
In less than 24 hours we will be headed
to the VA State Fair.
One of our annual fall trips.
I can't wait!
Pumpkins, pigs, cows, goats,
crafts, music, rodeos,
(I AM eating one-whether the non-existent gall bladder likes it or not!)
and hubby will have a turkey leg
and corn dog slathered in mustard!
Can't say I am looking forward to the 7 hr. car ride...
and no internet access while we are gone
but it will be fun!
So---until my return-
happy stamping and scrapping!
I am taking a few things to work on while we are gone
as there will be a couple of "down days" where hubby will be busy
with other things--and I can create!
So--stay tuned!

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