Sunday, October 2, 2011

My contribution...

to World Card Making Day...
was inspired by well,
yes, fabric...
that I found at Joann's yesterday!

I had already checked out
and went back to find Theresa
(this is always a challenge as we are both quite short!
Luckily, we know where to start looking
to find one another!)
I spotted this bolt of fabric
and fell in love!
(This is a view from the backside-
that web is velvety and the dots are orange crystals!)
I KNEW it would be perfect
with the Close to My Heart
WICKED stamp set!
I couldn't even get to sleep last night thinking about it--
so here's what I brewed up today...

Ok-so this is spooky-the witch--is stamped on bright orange
(we're talking flourscent orange!) paper
the same orange that's on the inside of the card
(which looks toned down, too, in the photo...)
and she's embossed which gives her a shimmer-
it is really stunning in person
why the color is wayyyyy off and washed out
in the photo is beyond me-
I just tried to retake it and the camera is picking it up
the same way-the washed out look?
I used the new Art Philosophy Cricut Cartridge
to cut the card base and the window...
it was a little tricky as the window on the card
wasn't big enough--
but I figured out how to make it work!
First I cut the card base without a window.
I ended up cutting that in two.
Then I cut 2 panels for  the design for the center
(I wanted to pop it up of course to give that web plenty of dimension!)
and just trimmed around the outside of the "leftovers"
to make a frame!
I then used a small piece of cardstock and made a "hinge"
that I attached between the popped up front panel
and the outside back of the card!
May be an easier way---
but this worked for me!
I decided the side needed something--
and even though I made the broom
complete with raffia "bristles"
I didn't like it as well.
Plan B-Ribbon!
But boy did those bows fight me today!
I won't tell you how much is in knots-
on my floor-in the trash can!
The spider is a former plastic ring!
I cut the shape and the frame layer--
and a card of mine-particularly halloween wouldn't be complete without
Inky agreed!

And, speaking of cats...

We have one VERY VERY BAD ONE!
Who is actually named---BAD CAT!
We had venison steaks for dinner on Friday night.
My goddaughter and I left the table to prepare kits for our next class
and darling hubby said he would clean up!
When he went to put some things away and turned back around
this is what he found...

had helped himself
to the leftover steak!
Notice Inky is keeping a close eye on it...

Poppa Cat says, "Hey! Whatcha got? Gonna share?"

Humph! Guess not! Mommmmmaaaaaaa...!"

Well, speaking of EATING
Hubby has fixed supper
(thank God-we'd starve if it were up to me!
I'd rather stamp!)
So, until next time,
happy stamping and scrapping!
Note: when I looked at my blog today (Mon.)

SEVERAL LINKS had been inserted that I didn't put there!
The word "camera"  and "trash" was highlighted and linked to other (advertising) sites?
Not sure how THAT happened--but not liking that someone was
able to hijinx my post!

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artfulwhimsies said...

very pretty card, it came out great. and the kitties are always adorable~