Friday, October 21, 2011

Craft Room First Aid...

So even though I haven't felt so hot today
I did go into the craft room
and finish the "Girlfriend Gifts" as I've decided to call these...
and then I started on a card order I have...
I ended up with a splinter in my finger...
don't ask me how...
I have no clue-only me...
as I was running around thinking it hurt and I had to get it out
(while doing 10 other things at once...)
I had a lightbulb moment...
when I finally got to the bathroom to find my
(yep, that's what they are called!)
I realized that they were exactly what I needed
to add this bling to my project...

These little buggers are ITTY BITTY
(guess that's how they got their name!)
and like to drive me batty trying to pick them up
and put them on!
I *love* them tho and they stick really well
AND they are only $ 2.95 for 100 of them!
Those pointy little tweezer  tips that pick out the splinters
pick these babies up and plop them down in record time!
So next time I hit our pharmacy
a pair of these are coming home
and going in my craft bag!
First the flat iron (works on wrinkled embroidery floss-
someone also said ribbon-haven't tried it-yet...)
now the tweezers...
maybe I just need to combine the craft room with the bathroom?
Until next time,
happy stamping and scrapping!

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