Wednesday, October 19, 2011

My Take on Typeset...

When the new Close to My Heart catalog came out
I fell in love with the
Typeset papers, embellishments & stamps
that's what I chose to work with
for our groupie meeting last night.
Here's my take on Typeset
(which was partially cased from the layout in the catalog on p. 18)
School days
the border on the left was cut with the CTMH
Art Philosphy Cricut cartridge
as was the circles and the banner pieces....

That square in the top right-hand corner is an accordion album-
room for 7 photos (I think that's right!)
or hidden journaling
or maybe copies of a report card...?!
I absolutely adore the embellishments that are CANVAS!
What a nice texture and feel they have!
I wanted to add a small (golf) pencil
but hubby said they would be a real pain
to cut in half length-wise and I really didn't want the added bulk
of a whole one so I nixed erased that idea...
If I ever find either set of photos I want to use on these pages
I will add them to all those little white spaces.
For now, I just had the ladies use the waxed paper trick
(tuck a piece of waxed paper behind the sticky part of an embellishment
that you don't want to stick until you add your photo).
Too bad I didn't use my "don't wash your stamps in the sink
unless the drain is plugged trick" last night as well...
I accidentally washed the "s" right down the drain.
Not. Happy.
(that's the postable version of what I am feeling!)

We had a new group member last night
and although she had no scrapping and stamping experience
she kept right up and did an awesome job!
She wasn't too overwhelmed I don't think-
said she wanted to come back next month
so I took that as a good thing!

Someone posted a comment that they like my cat at the top of my blog-
except for the white, it looks like my INKY.
The other sleepless night I got up to read
and a cicada bug had gotten into the house.
Inky was down on the floor
behind our love seat
and Poppa Cat was on the back of the love seat.
Inky would swat at the bug-
it would fly up-
and PC would swat it back down!
They played cicada bug badminton for I don't know how long!
Inky finally got it and laid it down in front of him.
Enter the (old) Bad Cat
who sat down in front of them both
and looked back and forth
as if to ask Inky if he was going to "finish off" the bug.
Curiosity finally kicked in and the Bad Cat couldn't stand it any longer-
he grabbed the bug and made a run for it!
Awhile later
Inky came back with the bug!
Talk about late-night entertainment...!

I need a nap.
Need to do some bookkeeping.
Some cleaning.
Some more Holly Days preparations.
But first...a nap.
I feel like a cranky 2-year old today
(sore, tired, rainy weather, sore, headachy..)
Until next time,
happy stamping and scrapzzzzzzzzzing



About Karen said...

Very nice layout! I especially like how you added additional opportunities to add photos to the layout with the foldouts. Thanks for sharing!

sharin said...

Oh my gosh, what a cute layout! I might have to case you, too. ;-)


Sharli said...

This is a wonderful layout! I loved your story about the cats playing - it actually beats what's on TV these days! LOL