Tuesday, April 3, 2012

And the Cricut laid more eggs---How To...

The CTMH BB gals
have asked how I did the card
in the post below this one...
so here it is...
it's not too hard-
but it's easier for me to show you step by step
with photos---
so get a cuppa something and prop your feet up--
here goes...
Step 1. Cut two oval cards (pg. 42) at 4 1/2"
Step 2. FOLD THEM--then line them up and cut about 1/4-1/2" off
(to give it the flat, bottom of the egg look...)
This is what they should look like now...

Step 3. Fold the right card over on itself so you have the "flat/folded" edge
on the right hand side
then lay it over the right hand panel of the other card...
see that little flat edge--and the rounded edge poking out underneath?
That needs to be trimmed off on both sides...

so now all four panels have somewhat "flattened" edges
(this is necessary to get the card to fold over on itself smoothly---)

Now--you want to line your embossing folder of choice
over the left-hand panel of the card and emboss...

then trying to line up the right hand panel of the second card
to match-emboss it...
what you are going for as this sounds as clear as mud to me---
is a middle panel with the exact same embossed pattern...
does that help?

So this is what you have now (embossed side up...)

overlap two panels you tried to match patterns on
you need to cut them in half!)

like this...
Now---looking at the debossed/backside-
this is what you should have...

tape that middle panel together with the one underneath it...
and this is what your card looks like closed-
well---Picassa didn't rotate my photo
but you hopefully get the idea!

On to the bellyband!
I used a pice 5 1/2 x mmm 2 3/4?

Put your card in the middle, mark lightly with pencil
(remember-not too tight-it needs to slide off!)

then score along your pencil lines.
Cut a white piece the same size-punch the edges or run it
through the Cricut to give it a decorative edge...

DO NOT score it and THEN try to stamp with a wood stamp!

It won't line up nicely---
Stamp --then score
and do not score delicate border edges-they will tear
I know...

layer onto your colored belly band
and adhere edges

here's what you should have....

Now-whew-potty break anyone?
Nervous breakdown?!
Ok---on we go---
to the grass!
Cut a strip of green
and then start making random cuts--
don't think about this-just cut--not quite to the bottom
I do great grass when I've had too much coffee!
I cut a few inches, flip my paper and cut the other direction
(I tend to cut on an angle so flipping it changes it up...)
Once you have the strip cut---
go back and cut up and down so the blades are different heights
(after I did it the hard way---I remembered my deckle edges scissors...)

Put the grass along the bottom of the center panel of your card

trim to fit...
Now-you want to be sure that your grass isn't showing
when you close your card...
and when you trim it to fit the angle-
it's going to leave gaps one either side on the inside-
just fit another little piece over the ends and trim again...
you really won't be able to tell when you are done...

from the MY Peeps set-stamp the eggs and color
(I used my Copics...)
Do as I say and not as this photo below shows-
put your pop dots on the bottom edge of the grass...
NOT on the eggs!
and layer them over the grass...
trimming to fit the edges...

Next stamp your peeps in whatever color and quantity you want
and fit them in behind and in front of your grass and eggs...

I used one of the spring mechanisms and let the one in the front
pop out...

Here's the finished product

and closed!
Email me at here
and I will try to unconfuse you!

I'm off to have a rum drink
to celebrate my birthday-
more on that tomorrow, Scarlett!

Until then,
happy stamping and scrapping!



Tamra Pope said...

Happy Birthday Sharon......thanks for the tutorial.

Adeline E. Brill said...

Love this card! I can't wait to make one of my own!

Tammy Downhour said...

I have a question about the instructions on this card. How could I get a hold of you to ask?