Monday, April 9, 2012

From trash to...

well, trash!
I have this awesome thing called a
You're saying a "scrapama-what?"
I know. Weird name. GREAT PRODUCT!
It screws onto the edge of your worktable
and holds your cup/drink and that black bag---
holds your trash!
It's completely portable-so you can take it to classes,
Theresa and I were taught you DO NOT
under any circumstances
put your drink cup on a class worktable!
It was forbidden!
And while I may do it at home-
I always worried that a cat would come along
and there would go my coffee, coke-whatever.
Not any more!
But that black bag?
It had to go.
And since the ScrapMaBob people
very nicely sent me on tiny part I managed to loose
and I fixed it today
and today was my Easter holiday day off...
I decided today was the day!
So I raided my fabric stash
and found some ribbon
and got to sewing.
Then I decided it needed some bling.
I've had these flowers FOREVER---
and I am not sure if they will wash-or not-but no matter
a little hot glue, some gems and it's good to go!

here's the before again...I even lined the inside-no ragged edges!

and here's the after...whatcha think?
Now that black bag is kinda a light light plasticky material
that would wipe clean easily and not stain
My fabric is flannel--so I will either throw a small plastic bag inside
or be sure I just toss paper in there (no candy wrappers!)
I do have a plastic tote bag from JoAnns
that has dragonflies on it---that is the perfect material for this project--
so the next time I'm in town---
I will be picking up one or two!
The cup holder holds mega size coffee cups or drinks...
and here's my new fav-
Zero Sparkling (carbonated) Kiwi Strawberry water!
Their other flavors are awesome to

 On another note-
here's a photo of our living cross yesterday...
the flowers had wilted a bit by the time I got back up there
but it is still pretty I think...

That's it for today!
Time to finish cooking supper
and take care of cat boxes (ugh!)

Until next time,
happy stamping and scrapping!

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Theresa Dagostino Forge said...

So pretty, both the new scrap holder, and the living tree.