Sunday, April 15, 2012

Something I Stumbled on on Sunday!

No, thankfully,
not a stumbled upon as in an accident...
but rather one of those things that was really a
"WELL, DUH----
why didn't I think of that/realize that before?!"
kind of stumbled upon.

Our groupies are doing the CTMH Footloose Workshop on the Go layout
for our class Tuesday night.
This particular layout
doesn't hold many photos...
some of our gals like a lot of photos on page
so my first effort was to incorporate more and larger photos.
I did that.
Then today
since I have an extra paper pack
I said well--let me do the layout like it shows in the instructions...
(as shown above...)
so I was working away...
and I had my base paper down on this...

 I LOVE my Score Pal---
and the fact that that mat fits right in there and you can do
just about anything on it...well!
And then I discovered hey-I can MEASURE my layout pieces
just by using the Score Pal...
The dp strip--goes right at 3"---line it up at the top
tape it down, slide that base page up a hair
and you can line it up the exact same way at the bottom!!!

That green mat?
In the pic below--
it goes at 1 1/4"---
gee-look at that-match it up-stick it down
because the base page is flush with the side of the Score Pal-
just match up your layered piece as well-so it's all straight!!!
Doing my happy dance here--but wait---
I had to line up a title panel--a PIECED title panel...
so ok-I have marks on either side---but I need a little help with the middle
that a little  over 12" ancient ruler I had...
sat right across that Score Pal---
and gave me a "line" to lay my letters along...
GO ME!!!
The Score Pal just took the pain out of measuring!
Seriously-I just stumbled upon this!
If you knew it-wait, wait-don't tell me!
(really-I only listen to Garrison Keillor-Prarie Home Companion on NPR!
well-and sometimes Fatback Folk Hour!)
Don't burst my bubble!
I am so psyched
I am off to do the companion layout!

Until next time-
happy stamping and scrapping!

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