Saturday, April 14, 2012

Sponge Daubers on Saturday...

After I finished prepping the
Close to My Heart Footloose Kits
I decided that since we were going to be stamping our own
multicolored embellishments like these
where we have to layer on--or DAUB on--different ink colors
to the stamp-
I decided that having one set of daubers for an entire group
(we're talking 6 ladies but still...)
just wasn't going to cut it time wise.
Nor was it cost effective for me to purchase 4 daubers per person
at the cost of $ 1.31 each plus shippingx6---we're talking (b/s)
-$ 31.44!
Just not happening people!
Not after I found on the web
and I apologize-I can't remember who or where....
how to make your own
out of make up sponges and PVC pipe!
Hubby is a handy-man diy guy
so the pipe we had on hand
(he cut me---38...I am gonna guess it was maybe $3 worth of pipe...).
Now I gotta say--
it wasn't pretty.
We're talking plumbing pipe people-unused but still...
it had been downstairs in his stash-outside--and had pipe info stamped on it
and is a funky off white color.
So after he cut these--gonna say the pipe is 3/4" diameter
and about that long...guesstimating
 I sanded the rough edges down
I washed them off good
dried them off and went to work with some
leftover CTMH Wings dp and Modge Podge. 
I had cut the paper into small strips--used about 1/2" of a 12x12 sheet...
I put a layer of MP on the pipe, wrapped the paper around the pipe,
and coated the outside with more MP, trimmed off any excess paper
 and left them to dry.
Once they were dry, I carefully stuffed them with those
triangular make up sponges-one per dauber
working to make sure that it squished up so that the top was smooth
(no sharp edges from the sponge poking out...)
Here's what they look like

The best part is---
the sponges can easily be changed out..
and they were basically free---
I paid $ 1.37 for 37 sponges!
Everything else I had on hand...!
They are a bit wider than what we sell...

 but hey---that doesn't really matter!
Not perfect-but quite usable
and an easier option to covering them---
had I wanted to drive an hour round trip
and spend a little more money
would have been that pretty decorative
Or that wasi---or whatever it's called--tape! ; )
Oh yeah-that would have cut down on the time
by tons!
But-it was fun. They are pretty.
Solved my situation for class!

to go make my sample pages!
I'll post those tomorrow maybe...
Until next time
happy stamping and scrapping!


Theresa Dagostino Forge said...


Whimcees said...


Great idea and quite a project! Wishing you a happy day!


Barbara Diane

Debbie Warren said...

This is a great idea, and I like the way you "prettied them up" with paper. Just as a note though, if you wanted to leave them plain white, a Magic Eraser will definitely take all the words, and probably all of the gunk, off the pipe.

Debbie Warren said...

This is a great idea, and I like the way you "prettied them up" with paper. As a future note though, if you want to leave them a plain white, a Magic Eraser will take all of the words off the pipe very easily. (A Magic Eraser will also take the printed logos off of pens that you get as freebies from places, or the words off paint samples).

Mimi said...

Great idea. I wonder if smaller PVC and cutting the sponge in half lengthwise would make those teeny tiny dabbles we need sometimes....could push the 1/2 sponge in the PVC with a pencil, etc.

Linda said...

Very cool idea!
People need to be very careful when cutting PVC pipe, the dust is a known carcinogen right up there with cigarette smoke.

Penny Hanuszak said...

Loving these. What a great idea and one I'm going to try.

LeAnne said...

VERY clever!

Julie said...

Great idea and they are too cute!

Mary Dyrda said...

Wonder if you could use empty glue stick containers?? Hmm gotta to try that now - I have one at home on the craft table...thanks for the idea!

Mary Dyrda said...

Great idea, I wonder if I can use empty glue stick containers cut in half??? Gonna try that when I get home, thanks for the idea! Mary

Shoregirl said...

Great idea -- thanks for sharing your sweet tutorial with us!

Loly Borda-Towery said...

Wonderful idea! Thanks for sharing it.

Maureen said...

Question - after using - did they work. I tried one awhile back and the foam piece did not work well, after using it a bit, the sponge kept coming out of the PVC - can you share how you made it stay? Thanks so much!!

Sharon-The OKI StampQueen said...

Hi Maureen. They worked great! My pvc pipe was leftover in hubby's stash---just big enough to get your index finger in. The cosmetic sponges I got at WM and they were triangular. I had to do some jimmying around to not get edges--and just smooth side of sponge to come out the top but it did and they stayed-still there!
I wouldn't try glue or anything inside-you want to be able to replace as needed. Try a smidge smaller pipe and see how it does! Blessings,Sharon

Mac said...

Brilliant! I love doing things the old fashioned way and saving money in the process. Thanks for the fabulous tip!

Donna said...

I wonder if you could clean out old lipstick tubes and use those? I have dozens of tubes of lipstick colors I don't like, and for some reason can't seem to throw away. And I wouldn't mind gluing in the sponge, because I know I will be getting more the next time I buy my LancĂ´me!

Melanie F said...

Thanks so much for a great idea! I will definitely be using this one!

Note to Donna:
Use your old lipstick out of the case mixed with glycerine and beeswax to make lip balms for gifts or to keep for yourself...they will be lighter in colour then.
Thanks again!

Melanie F said...

Thanks for the great idea, I will be using this one for sure!

A note to Donna:
You can always use your old lipsticks mixed with beeswax and glycerine to make lip balms for gifts or yourself...the colours will be lighter!

Cindy said...

Pretty clever!

Cindy said...

Pretty clever!

Katydyd79 said...

I just lifted your idea with a slight twist. I have my dh working on some boxes to hold all my markers, and didn't want to steer him off that course, so I bought a 10' length of 3/4" clear vinyl tubing at Lowe's for $7.99. I'm able to cut that with scissors (no dust; no sanding) and use in place of the pvc pipe. My math isn't the greatest, but I came up with just under 5 cents per cut of tubing with 160 daubers from one length of tubing. Then used the make-up sponges (make sure you do NOT get the kind "infused with Vitamin E!"). Still cheap with a little less work! I would have never thought of this without you! Thanks a million!